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My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap

Dear Bruins,

I know y’all were the underdogs, but dammit. What happened?! I can’t believe you let this dude run you down like that.

I’ll still wear my blue and gold on my sleeve but right now it’s all gnarly from the tears and snot and all.

This was not the way it was supposed to go down in Atlanta… stop breakin’ my heart, boys.

Let’s go all the way in ’08, ok?


With an hour to spare before having to get up and shower…

I’m done with my final paper!

(Too bad I was too lazy to go back and proofread it; hopefully it’s ok)

Sleep now.

It’s 5am and I have to get up by 6am to get ready.

My ride is coming at 7am so we can get to campus by 8am.

Cram! Cram!


I’ll be better at this time tomorrow, I promise.

More likely, I’ll be asleep.

Sorry for the silence.

I’m fine.

It’s Finals Week for me.

15 page paper and major presentation due Saturday morning.

Crunch time!

You know I rarely do this.

I called in sick to work.

And I didn’t go to class tonight because I’m not feeling well.

(But I do feel better than I did on Saturday.)

Ew. Barf.

(If you read the previous entry, “Ew. Blood.”, you know where this story is going. I am going to put this up for a vote. If you would like me to recount the TMI details of my bodily functions, I might consider doing so. If you would not like me to do so, let me know as well. Depending on the “demand” for a barf story, I will decide whether or not I will humiliate myself on this blog with this story. However, I still reserve the right not to tell the story, regardless if every single person says “WRITE IT!” Fair warning. If you thought “Ew. Blood.” was gross, “Ew. Barf.” is about ten thousand times worse.) Leave your comment below.

Ew. Blood.

I don’t know what I did, but I slashed my right index finger and it started gushing blood.

I obviously didn’t realize what I’d done (didn’t hurt) because I then proceeded to bleed all over my shirt. Luckily, I was on my way to the bathroom when I realized that I was a bloody mess, but the damage had already been done to my shirt. It is pretty obvious I have bloody streaks all over my shirt and left sleeve.

After I’d figured out it was ME that was bleeding everywhere, I went to the First Aid Kit and got it all bandaged up. But I was about to go to a lunch with some other people, so I put my ugly, holey red office sweater on over my shirt so people didn’t have to look at all my blood stains while they were eating.

I can’t wait to go home and change my shirt. I feel like I was in a freakin’ horror movie, there is so much blood everywhere.

Messy desks = More Productivity

No wonder my desk is a total disaster area. I’m all about productivity.

A Reuters article published earlier this week basically says that neatness is overrated, costs money, wastes time and quashes creativity.

I’m all about saving money, saving time, and encouraging creativity… YAY MESSINESS!

Next time Yoshi harrasses me about cleaning my desk, I will just cite this article and ask, “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?! WASTE MONEY? WASTE TIME? QUASH MY CREATIVITY? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!?!?!?!”


Other (older) related articles to prove that I’m right on this one:
::Messy desk = ordered mind:: ::What’s Wrong With A Messy Desk?::

Am I tired? Or am I sad?

Or both?

I know I have been popping in on my blog occasionally with posts like “I’m busy” (always true) or “I’m tired” (also always true).

But I realized today it’s not just that I’m tired. I’m sad. I wonder if whenever I say I’m tired if I sometimes mean that I’m sad but don’t want to say it. I don’t like letting people know when I’m blue and if I blog about it, I’m afraid it makes me a whiner or a complainer. All things considered, I don’t have much to really complain about, so it’s fun to complain about the things that don’t really matter while I keep the things that really bother me to myself. (Don’t try to tell me to “let it out” because I won’t. And if I did, it certainly wouldn’t be on my blog.)

I know it sounds funny for me to say this, but I’m a really private person, especially about my true (deep) feelings. Based on this blog, I’ve been accused of being shallow, but I think anyone who knows me knows that there’s depth to me that you can’t see if you only know the “blog-side” of me. And I hope that from time to time when you visit this site, there are glimmers of someone more than what is presented here.

The point is, don’t judge me on this blog alone. Chances are there are things going on that I’m not sharing publicly.

Maybe this doesn’t need to be said, but I’ve been blogging for a long time and I realize as I look back on some old posts I’d written, I’m not the same person that I was when I started on this blogging journey. Since my Dad’s passing, a lot of things have changed.

My Dad’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and the closer I get to it, the sadder I get. I’m also worried about my brother, whose birthday is the day after Dad’s. We used to always celebrate their birthdays together.

I’m not sure why I wrote this melancholy post, but I felt like I needed to say it. It’s not just that I’m busy and tired all the time. It’s that I miss my Dad terribly and I’m sad he’s gone.

As the time passes and it gets closer to the “year marker,” I find myself being more and more blue and I wish this wasn’t so.

I’m ok now.

Sorry about earlier. I was just having a bad day at work and was cranky to the max.

I came home, ate junk food, and played the Sims for like 5 hours straight to take the edge off.

Now it’s 1am and I’ve finished some of the work I was supposed to do tonight, so all in all, I didn’t blow as much time as I’d feared.

And you don’t have to steer clear anymore.

I’m good now.


Tip for you.

Stay outta my way today.

Leave me the f alone.

And for pete’s sake… don’t ask me any stupid questions.



As usual.

Life speeds along, doesn’t it?


Quick update before dinner…

Check out my flickr feed!

Nine quintillion to one

According to MathForum, the odds of having a perfect NCAA bracket are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to one. (I don’t think that even includes the new 65th team.)

Anyway, if you’re interested, here are my picks. (Linked here as a PDF: Joz’s 2007 NCAA Men’s Tournament picks).

That’s right. My bracket is called “It’s UCLA 8 clap time!”

Go Bruins!

Vegas again.

So last night, after having picked Yoshi up at the airport, going to work for most of a day, and coming home (to finish packing), I had the joy of sitting in the passenger seat as Yoshi drove us to Vegas. Originally, I had been planning on driving, however, I was feeling a bit nauseated. So (thankfully) Yoshi volunteered to drive.

Unfortunately, an easy drive to Vegas was almost de-railed by the closing down of two lanes of highway at Devore, forcing us to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for almost an hour before things began to clear up.

I also didn’t prepare for a drive very well… I usually try to dehydrate myself if I know I’m going to be on a long car ride to avoid stopping 10 times for bathroom breaks. Although we had to stop once in Fontana for food and a pit stop, I thought I could make it to Vegas without stopping.

Well, I didn’t know we were going to be delayed in Devore. And I also didn’t know that traffic would grind to a halt again on the 15 when the Strip was practically in spitting distance. They shut down the 15 to one lane and we were stuck there for a while too. It was at this point that I decided to close my eyes and sleep, so I wouldn’t think about how much I needed to pee.

Yoshi woke me up when we got off the freeway, so I could help navigate to the hotel, but that also turned on my awareness to my bulging bladder. By the time we got into the valet line, I just jumped out of the car and ran to the nearest bathroom.

Anyway, it was well after midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning by the time we got checked in and into our room. And although I had reserved a room with a king-sized bed, we got a room with two queen beds. Doh.

I called down to the front desk to see if we could arrange a room change for the next day (Monday) and the woman said, “Yes, let me set that up for you right now. We’ll call you between 11-3 and hold your room until 6pm”

After getting up, checking in for my ShoWest registration, having lunch, etc., we got back up to the room: no call!

So I called down to the front desk to get an ETA on the room change, to which the response was “What room change? I don’t see that in the system for you.” The guy (thanks, Gary!) felt bad that I’d had so many problems on Day 1 of a 5 day stay that he moved us to a room on one of the newly refurbished rooms on a higher floor. Hooray!

So our new room has a flat screen HD TV, a nice king-sized bed, and a mini-fridge installed (no extra charge!).

Anyway, I dragged Yoshi along to run some errands for work and then we went and set up our company’s hospitality suite.

So the bottom line is Day 1 in Vegas. I’m pooped. Doesn’t bode well for me for the rest of the week.

In other news, I hear that they are going to implode the Stardust between 1am and 5am tonight. A little sad for me because my parents used to stay at the Stardust (they got EVERYTHING comped when they stayed there), so I actually have a lot of memories of the place.

Cleaning out my purse

Outside pocket:
-Two quarters
-$34 cash in bills
-An uncashed check
-2 tickets to an upcoming concert
-Receipt from lunch the other day
-Phone # from some dude I met at Panera last week (no he wasn’t hitting on me)

Now for the scary part…

Inside the purse:
-An apple (just put in today)
-2 packets of butter (just got put in today)
-Five 39 cent stamps
-$11 cash
-Cartridge of staples
-Receipt from our tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE at the Mirage (from January)
-2 take-out menus from Miceli’s
-3 way highlighter (re-elect Russell Baldwin Retirement Board 2006)
-Ballpoint pen from Bally’s
-Roll of return labels of my parent’s PO Box
-9 volt battery
-Cylinder of Airborne (one left)
-Receipt from Costco
-Receipt from Panera
-Another uncashed check
-My uncle’s business card
-Package of Lipton Green Tea To Go
-2 doses of generic DayQuil
-Ziploc bag of misc vitamins, allergy pills
-Body lotion
-Another ballpoint pen from Bally’s
-1 green glitterati candy
-1 Ricola (cranberry)
-Another Panera receipt
-A piece of paper with a chewed piece of gum spit inside
-A receipt for the USPS
-A receipt for Del Taco
-An invitation to an event (already passed, yes I went)
-My new CVS “Extra Care” card
-A receipt for Carl’s Jr
-2 coupons for Carl’s Jr (expired 2/28/07)
-1 return address label (my mailing address)
-1 receipt for parking (school)
-2 ticket stubs for the performance of Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE at the Mirage (1/14/07)
-A receipt from Burger King
-A receipt for gasoline (2/3/07; gas was only $2.39/gal)
-A receipt from Borders (cards for John’s mom, plus a Burt’s Bees lip balm)
-2 coupons for Anaheim Ducks games (2 tickets for $20!)
-A receipt from the Coffee Bean
-A note pad from “QuikPrint” (one of my Dad’s old scratch pads from like 20 years ago)
-Random receipt (food, don’t remember where)
-An AFI Member Cozmo Card
-Another Carl’s Jr receipt
-Another uncashed check
-Another parking receipt (school)
-A receipt from CVS (from when I signed up for the above “Extra Care” card)
-USPS Express Mail label, customs form, and receipt for package sent to Mom in Taiwan
-Envelope marked “2007 Receipts” with miscellaneous receipts inside (I guess this is where I meant to shove all those other receipts. Notes about the “YourLA” taping scrawled on the back with the number of the Associate Producer.
-Note reminding myself of a dentist appts on 2/21/07 @ 7am. Also a cryptic note about “lunch Tues” (don’t know what that meant)
-2 more uncashed checks (from a class action settlement; $1.24 each)
-A moist napkin in plastic wrap from Zeke’s BBQ Smokehouse (picked up at SuperBowl party)
-A business card for Miceli’s
-Another Carl’s Jr receipt
-Another Panera receipt
-A post-it with the NY # of someone named “Jessica” written on it; also my former co-worker’s new office # (this number has since changed)
-Make-up satchel
-Plastic mermaid (got at “Rumpus Revenge” party a few weeks ago)
-Coupon for Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste (picked up at dentist’s office)
-3 business cards for my chiropractor (who I haven’t seen in weeks)
-Receipt from Baja Fresh
-Another ziplock bag of miscellaneous vitamins
-Business card for a private chef/caterer
-Personalized post-it pad with some notes I made today and the number of another dude I met at Panera (I swear to god I am not hooking up with people; I am just a friendly person)
-A mechanical pencil
-A hand sanitizer spray (purchased at CVS)
-Black elastic hair band

Not going into the things inside the zipper pocket (mostly pens, business cards, two USB flash drives) and the things inside my wallet (miscellaneous receipts), that is it. Except for the pocket watch attached to one of the straps on the purse.

Obviously, I need to clean my purse out more often. I figure the last time I did this was sometime in January.

Yay me!

As of Saturday night, Sunday morning…

I have:
-Done the dishes
-Put the dishes away
-Taken out the trash
-Taken out the recycling
-Watered the plants
-Done 1.5 loads of laundry
-Folded 2 loads of laundry
-Laid out (some of) the things to be packed for my work trip next week
-Done my nails
-Put some stuff away upon coming home from work, (still have a lot dumped everything by the front door)

Still haven’t:
-Gone to bed at a decent hour
-Been eating healthy foods
-Made the bed (even once)
-Worked out

Oh well.

Happy birthday, Grandma


I wish you a happy birthday on my blog because I couldn’t go visit you in person today. In addition to getting over a bug, I had to do a lot of work (school work, work work, home work) because I am going out of town tomorrow night after work. (That’s right, I’m working on Sunday).

When I get back from Vegas, and I am certain I am no longer contagious, I will visit you again, as I did last week. With your immune system as delicate as it is, I wouldn’t want to give you any germs.

Even though you can’t read this, I am thinking of you today and wishing that I could talk to you like I used to.

Happy birthday. We all love you.


The dangers of being home alone

Yoshi has been out of town since Wednesday and doesn’t get back until this weekend.

In the meantime, I have:
-Not done the dishes
-Not taken out the trash
-Not done the laundry
-Not gone to bed at a decent hour
-Not been eating healthy foods
-Not made the bed (even once)
-Not put anything away upon coming home from work (dumped everything by the front door as soon as I walked in)
-Not worked out

Granted, even when Yoshi is around, I don’t usually do the dishes or go to the gym. But I do sometimes do the other things.

I am only admitting this because by the time Yoshi gets home, I must make sure I do all those things.

Well, I can’t go back and eat better, but I will starting tomorrow.

I got sent home from work today* after lunch…

…because I’m “sick.”

Actually, at that point, I wasn’t feeling sick yet. Just tired. But I was pretty crabby all morning to the Bossguy. No wonder he sent me home. I wouldn’t want crabby me around the office if I were him, either.

I came home, napped, and was supposed to go to a LA Blogger party, but was sneezy and ucky feeling by that time and decided I’d keep my germs to myself. So I missed out on seeing a bunch of people I’d been looking forward to seeing.

Sucks. Going to bed now.

*Today = Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Post made to today

I am embarrassed that I spent well over an hour researching writing it, formatting, it and posting it. I can be such a nerd.

It’s #16 of the Top L.A. Legends series: Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite (aka Jamie Lee Curtis has a teeny weenie)

In other news, my browser history for the last two days looks like I am a Jamie Lee Curtis stalker who has a deep curiosity for herms, merms, and ferms.

I swear it ain’t so.

What happened to February?

And where are my weekends going?

Everything is speeding along too quickly.

Is someone messing with the timespace continuum? (I don’t think it’s Hiro; he still can’t control his superpowers very well…)

WTH?! No new HEROES episodes until the end of April? What’s up with that!?!?!?!

Aaron Yoo brings down the house

aaron_yoo.jpgToday’s Daily Variety included the following blurb:

Aaron Yoo (“The Bedford Diaries”) has landed a lead role in Columbia’s “21,” about MIT students who take Las Vegas casinos for millions.

Thesp will next be seen in Par’s “Disturbia,” Warner Bros.’ “American Pastime” and Picturehouse’s “Rocket Science.”

Looks like Aaron is a very busy guy with so many upcoming major studio releases. “21” is supposedly based on the book “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions”.

I can’t wait.

What I did on February 28, 2007.*

-Spoke to my Mom a couple of times on the day of her wedding anniversary. I miss her terribly. She is doing ok; her friends took her to relax on a Taiwanese mountain. (Why does that sound so weird? It sounded pretty normal in Chinese!) I realized this week that no matter how old I am, it always feels good to be my Mom’s kid.

-Worked at the office. Yoshi was the guest visitor for the day. Visitor in the office = Bossguy distraction so I can get lots of work done. It only kind of worked… Bossguy didn’t totally leave me alone. Bossguy also laughed when Yoshi bonked me on the head (lightly) with an empty plastic water bottle. Way to come to my defense, Bossguy!

-Dinner at Yamashiro to celebrate JeniJeniJeni‘s birthday. I haven’t been to Yamashiro since I was a teenager. Gorgeous night and a beautiful view of L.A.; the winds blew all the crap out of the air so we had a clear view all around. And the food was delicious… after eating fairly well for about a week, I pigged out. We shared a ton of sushi, an order of black cod, and a New York steak. Sealed the night off with 3 desserts: warm chocolate souffle cake, strawberry preserve filled donuts with whipping cream, and a banana rum cake with cashew brittle. Plus the birthday girl got a special birthday panna cotta-like dessert. (Notice how I describe the dessert in detail.) If it wasn’t so cold, I’d have swung by pinkberry on the way home.

*Written on March 3, 2007

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