My parents would have celebrated their wedding anniversary today…

I don’t know what I should say to my Mom when I call her.

I don’t want to make her sad.

I’m sad just thinking about it.

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3 Responses to “My parents would have celebrated their wedding anniversary today…”

  • You call her and just let her know that you’re thinking of her and love her. My parents divorced, but still, after all the troubled times, loved each other. It’s almost 15 years since dad died and I still call mom on the date of their anniversary because she’s sad and hurts and misses him. Usually we cry, but by the end of the call, we’re laughing.

  • I agree! I am sure your mom will be glad to know you are thinking of her and your dad. Plus, she’ll be glad to hear from you! Take care Jozzy!

  • i agree with the other two. I’m sure she would appreciate knowing you were thinking of her on her otherwise special day.

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