Tim Hardaway’s Gay Bashing rant and George Takei’s Response

George Takei has been long known in the Asian American community as an activist for civil rights and more recently, for gay rights.

Hats off to George Takei for his brave PSA addressing Tim Hardaway’s recent homophobic rants.

George, you are my hero.

Hat tip: Jimmy Kimmel

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3 Responses to “Tim Hardaway’s Gay Bashing rant and George Takei’s Response”

  • While Tim Hardaway may be an idiot for so bluntly making his opinion known, he IS entitled to his opinion. (As Wesley Snipes said in “Demolition Man”: You can’t take away somebody’s right to be an asshole.) And while George Takei’s response is humorous, I wish it had been a serious response. While I don’t think the human race will EVER be without bigotry of some kind, we can’t keep poking fun at bigotry to rid ourselves of it.

  • i think there were enough serious responses to what a guy whom i have idolized since he played for the warriors said in his stupidity. it doesn’t detract from him as a ball player, just as a man.

    also, i think george made a point by making equally ridiculous statements right back at timmy hardaway. it was a way of fighting back–by showing that hardaway’s words couldn’t hurt someone who didn’t put any value on them.

  • i have new found respect for george. that’s hilarious!

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