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My parents would have celebrated their wedding anniversary today…

I don’t know what I should say to my Mom when I call her.

I don’t want to make her sad.

I’m sad just thinking about it.


Will the choppers please stop circling above our house?

I don’t care what Oscar party is going on near us.


I would like to thank the Academy

For what?

I dunno. But I thought I’d thank them since everyone else was.

Too bad I didn’t get one of those shiny trophy-thingies, though.

(First time in years that I’ve watched (most of) the Oscars. Now for a bunch of homework.)

So the clip isn’t online yet…

Sorry to everyone who is waiting to see it.

Will let you know when it goes up.

My TV debut!

I alluded to this in an earlier post, but I figured I should give my blog buddies a heads up that ProfessorEric and I were taped for TV a segment to air on YourLA this Friday (11:30am on KNBC, Channel 4 in Los Angeles).

We were asked by a friend who works on the show to host the segment about Palms Thai restaurant (Home of Thai Elvis); I’m pretty sure the two of us were pretty silly, but hopefully it’s not completely embarrassing. This is what we were doing on Valentine’s. There is more story behind this, but I’ll have to share it another time.

Anyway, just giving the heads up in case you want to set your TiVo or if you’re not in LA (or have no TV in the middle of the day, you can watch the clip when it shows up online on Friday at

UPDATE 2/23/2007 @ 11:45a: It just aired… my friend (who did not know I was going to be on TV) just called me and said “Is that you on TV?!” Also, ProfessorEric called letting me know his thoughts on the segment… did you see it?

Tim Hardaway’s Gay Bashing rant and George Takei’s Response

George Takei has been long known in the Asian American community as an activist for civil rights and more recently, for gay rights.

Hats off to George Takei for his brave PSA addressing Tim Hardaway’s recent homophobic rants.

George, you are my hero.

Hat tip: Jimmy Kimmel

Tim Hardaway’s Gay Bashing rant and George Takei’s Response

George Takei has been long known in the Asian American community as an activist for civil rights and more recently, for gay rights.

Hats off to George Takei for his brave PSA addressing Tim Hardaway’s recent homophobic rants.

George, you are my hero.

Hat tip: Jimmy Kimmel

O. M. F. G.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I am deathly phobic of moths. I don’t like them one bit. Moths are not just ugly butterflies: they are evil and insidious.

I don’t want them anywhere near me or anyone I love; dead or alive.

And don’t even get me started about the scariest part of moths: their wing dust.


I am freaking myself out by typing all this.

I am here to post a picture for proof to show that there is a ginormous moth under our porch light; I think it is about 3 inches big. The photo doesn’t show how big, ugly, and scary this thing is; but believe me… it’s BIG, UGLY, and SCARY! I caught a glimpse of it this evening when I left the house to pick Yoshi up. I got so freaked out I broke out in hives in the car.

Giant Moth
Click to embiggen… although I’m not sure why you’d want to see it bigger.

When we got home, we could see from many feet away that the moth hadn’t moved; I made Yoshi check for moths and open the back door so we could enter our house.

Eventually my curiousity got the best of me. I wondered if it was still out there so I carefully stuck my arm outside and snapped the picture above.

I was really concerned that the flash would go off, scare the moth, and then it would fly in my face and I would drop dead from a heart attack. Luckily for all involved, this is not what happened. The moth did not move, I have photographic evidence of this thing, and I’m still alive.

Here’s hoping it will be gone in the morning and that it doesn’t leave any damned moth dust behind in its wake.

UPDATE 2/21/07 @ 10:42a: As of this morning, the moth hasn’t moved. We left the house via the back door.

UPDATE 2/21/07 @ 11:22pm: Although the giant moth was there all day today, Yoshi got smart and turned out off the light when it got dark. The moth got bored and went away. Instead, now there are giant spiders on our front door. I am still using the back door until all the giant creatures go away.

UPDATE 2/22/07 @ 5:15pm: I came home from the office today and discovered that the moth was back. Well, either it’s back or Yoshi was mistaken and it never left in the first place. Damn… with all these giant bugs, maybe we really do live on the edge of Jurassic Park!

If all goes well…

…you might have something to read on this blog soon.

I haven’t been much in the mood to sit in front of the computer and type lately, so I’ve been neglecting my blog. And it’s probably not a good time for me to do it, either. There has been a ton going on…

So if I get around to it, I might post (about):
-Pictures of the flowers I got for Valentine’s Day
-A write-up about what we did on Valentine’s night (it involved a TV camera and professoreric!*)
-Yoshi’s birthday
-Playing the Sims
-Going to visit my brother
-Visits to the eye doctor
-Getting new digital x-rays at the dentist
-Chinese New Year
-Seeing stkyrice & aiyahh
-Writing (well, I will be soon, anyway) on 8Asians
-Cleaning my desk

*Don’t be a perv in the comments. It was all perfectly innocent.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Except for having to get up early to go to work early today, it’s been a great Valentine’s so far.

Yoshi sent a beautiful flower arrangement to me at the office! Wheeee!

What’s funny is that Bossguy knew that I was getting flowers… because he had called the same florist to send me flowers too! The florist goes “Oh yeah, we’re already doing something for her; Yoshi already called.”

TWO flower arrangements… roses no less!


(Pictures to come)

Private to Yoshi: Thank you, Yoshi! I love you, too!

Especially for…


hat tip: ::michael::

I’m taking this opportunity…

…to make a quick post.

I’m ok.

I’m in class right now. We’re watching a movie (a documentary).

Lots going on.

But I’m ok.

Heroes tonight!

Grandma is home from the hospital…

Hopefully she gets better.

In an unrelated other matter, things just got more complicated for me. (No, it’s not work.)

Please excuse my inner fan-girl…


My co-workers are having lunch across the street and there are members of the cast of Heroes at the next table over.

*resists the urge to be a stalker and run over there to ask for pictures with them*

UPDATE: Ok, I resisted the urge and didn’t go over there. But I almost did. For Heroes watchers, the ones who were there: Mr Bennet/HRG (Jack Coleman), Mister Izaahk/Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera), Simone Deveraux (Tawny Cypress), and Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg).

I guess the Universe was trying to tell me not to post it…

Last night I wrote a very melancholy post about the past week, about John, about hanging out with C2, and about my Grandma.

I don’t know what happened to it. I think it got deleted by accident.

You can imagine what it’s been like in the week following John’s passing. The service was yesterday. (I could not attend.) I spoke to John’s Mom at length the other night when I called to let her know I would be there.

In other news, my Grandma is back in the hospital again. This time in ICU. She’s been there for six days now. I just found out yesterday. I can’t believe no one called me to tell me; I went to her house to go visit her and her home healthcare worker was there having lunch. She goes, “No one told you? It’s been five days now.”


Anyway, I didn’t say that. But I did think it to myself. I just asked what room she was in and when I could visit. So I’m on my way now.

Healing thoughts for Grandma, ok?

Thanks muchly.

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