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The Popular Cat

Ahh, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I present this Japanese video of a very popular cat. (Sorry, I can’t get the “post video” to work right… you’ll have to follow the link yourself.)

In addition to my big love of dogs, I love cats, too.

Maybe I don’t love cats as much as I love dogs.

Maybe I don’t love cats as much as they like other cats.

Maybe I don’t love cats as much as these dogs loves THIS cat.

But I do love cats. Too bad I am highly allergic to them.

hat tip – ::Minger::

If it has Jeremy Hermann’s stamp of approval…

…it has mine, too! I was catching up on some blog reading and caught this plug on Jeremy Hermann’s site about Agloco (A GLObal COmmunity).

Help Build AGLOCO – Beta Testers Wanted!

Hey You!

This note is mainly to offer you a chance to help build AGLOCO – it is a Member-owned Internet Economic community.

Here is why I would like you to help. First – it is free. Second – it is quick and easy to join. Third – AGLOCO’s purpose is to get its members their share of the money generated on the Internet (i.e. you make money). And lastly – if you help build the AGLOCO network you can make much more.

Here is a link to sign up (it automatically records me as referring you with my ID BBBQ4782)

AGLOCO works with a toolbar type software called a Viewbar. Privacy is very strict so no spyware, popups or spam.

As to how much money you can make, there is a study which says the average user should get $5 to $15 a month. (But less at the beginning.) Click here to read the report.

How much can you make helping to build the network? The Simmons Report predicts $30 per referral. I have 200, but a friend of mine RZ McCall has over 8,000. He has a great blog site.

AGLOCO is in their beta phase which is the best time to help them build out the network. So please join now and help build the network. Have questions? Their website has all the details so go there www.agloco.com or please ask me.

If you’ve been with jozjozjoz.com for a while, you know that I resisted putting ads and such on my blog, even in the “heyday” of my this site when it was getting crazy traffic. Well, I finally buckled this year and decided to put a few ads here and there.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to hit up my friends to join AGLOCO under me, too!

* www.agloco.com/r/BBBQ4782 is jozjozjoz’s referral link, not Jeremy’s

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