Daily Archive for January 22nd, 2007

Excuse me, is there an entomologist in the house?


There was a giant black ant in our den! I’m not kidding when I say giant… this thing is about half an inch long! I caught it in a disposable plastic container and took pictures as proof. Sorry they are all ugly and stuff, but I just wanted to show the horror of horrors we found in our house this evening as we were sitting down to watch Heroes.

Giant Killer Ant

Giant Killer Ant (underside)


Please! Someone identify this thing and let me know if they are *shudders* invasive or poisonous or dangerous! And WTF was it doing in our den? Scouting for a new place to watch TV? Needed a new place to nap? Wanted to enjoy the view of our indoor garden*?

I think if there isn’t an entomologist available, I will take the best shot from my Answer Manâ„¢.

I don’t want to kill it, but I am definitely not going to let this thing roam around our house.


*By “indoor garden,” I actually mean two potted plants and a lucky bamboo plant.

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