Didn’t mean to make you worry…

…I’m ok. Thanks for all the calls, emails and IMs asking if I was ok.

I’m just a little blue. I got something in the mail this week that reminded me that it’s been more than six months now since Dad’s passing.

My days have been so incredibly full and busy, I have been avoiding reality by watching mind-numbing television after work at night; probably not the best use of my time or energy. Also, there’s been a flurry of stuff happening with family.

-Grandma has been recovering from her surgery. She’s been home for over a week; I haven’t been able to go and visit yet.

-Bro and his friend from out of town came to visit last Saturday night. I had class all day Saturday (8:30am – 4:30pm) and then worked most of the day Sunday, so Saturday night was the only time I had to see them. Went to dinner, then a movie (Curse of the Golden Flower, which is possibly the bloodiest movie I’ve seen in a while), then stayed up past 3am talking.

-Mom called me earlier this week before I started my Monday night class. Miss her; worry about her.

-Uncle Peter called me Wednesday about stuff happening in Taiwan. Had to get Mom and Uncle Peter in touch with each other.

-Talked to Mom again Wednesday two separate times about two different subjects. Found out my Uncle S (her older brother) had gone to the ER the night before.

-Spent a few hours trying to track down my aunt/cousins to see how Uncle S was doing and to pass a message on for my Mom. (As of Thursday, Uncle S was doing OK; getting better after having been admitted to the hospital. I didn’t get check if he was released to go home yet.). Got updates from my cousin S, and my aunt that night.

-Also talked to briefly to Nina, glad to have her number in my cell.

-Good news: Heading to Vegas this weekend to spend time with Yoshi’s parents. Not sure if I’m going to do any gambling, but I doubt it. Ask anyone; I’m a scary gambler.

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