Daily Archive for January 13th, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrr! It’s freezing!

Really! Weather.com says so, too!

It's freezing in LA!

Didn’t mean to make you worry…

…I’m ok. Thanks for all the calls, emails and IMs asking if I was ok.

I’m just a little blue. I got something in the mail this week that reminded me that it’s been more than six months now since Dad’s passing.

My days have been so incredibly full and busy, I have been avoiding reality by watching mind-numbing television after work at night; probably not the best use of my time or energy. Also, there’s been a flurry of stuff happening with family.

-Grandma has been recovering from her surgery. She’s been home for over a week; I haven’t been able to go and visit yet.

-Bro and his friend from out of town came to visit last Saturday night. I had class all day Saturday (8:30am – 4:30pm) and then worked most of the day Sunday, so Saturday night was the only time I had to see them. Went to dinner, then a movie (Curse of the Golden Flower, which is possibly the bloodiest movie I’ve seen in a while), then stayed up past 3am talking.

-Mom called me earlier this week before I started my Monday night class. Miss her; worry about her.

-Uncle Peter called me Wednesday about stuff happening in Taiwan. Had to get Mom and Uncle Peter in touch with each other.

-Talked to Mom again Wednesday two separate times about two different subjects. Found out my Uncle S (her older brother) had gone to the ER the night before.

-Spent a few hours trying to track down my aunt/cousins to see how Uncle S was doing and to pass a message on for my Mom. (As of Thursday, Uncle S was doing OK; getting better after having been admitted to the hospital. I didn’t get check if he was released to go home yet.). Got updates from my cousin S, and my aunt that night.

-Also talked to briefly to Nina, glad to have her number in my cell.

-Good news: Heading to Vegas this weekend to spend time with Yoshi’s parents. Not sure if I’m going to do any gambling, but I doubt it. Ask anyone; I’m a scary gambler.

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