Daily Archive for January 2nd, 2007

New Year Day Mayhem

We rang in the New Year quietly, at YoshiMom’s home with both YoshiParents. It was nice to stay in and have a peaceful evening, watching TV, napping, and helping with cooking (or rather, staying mostly out of the way).

We slept in, but once we were up, we had lots to do. Our first stop was near San Francisco for a late lunch/early dinner, Japanese Osechi. There was a fabulous spread of delicious food, including some of the crab we picked up at Half Moon Bay a day earlier, fresh sashimi (maguro and hamachi), butter mochi, and lot more. I forgot to take pictures this year, but believe me, it was a lot of food. All of it very yummy!

Around 6pm, we left this gathering and headed toward Sacramento to another New Years Day gathering; less osechi-style (though there were a few more “traditional” dishes), more potluck-style. By this time, I was too full to eat. Except for more butter mochi, of course. We had a great time catching up with everyone we hadn’t seen since last New Years Day. Later on in the evening, I did go back for another round of food, and also got to play the bowling game on the kids’ Nintendo Wii. I officially want a Wii!

Anyway, after this incredibly long day, YoshiMom drove us back to San Jose (but I kept her company and talked the whole way home).

Today we slept in (again), but we drove back to L.A.. I had to promise not to drive too fast and stayed under 80 (most of the time). I did get caught (by Yoshi) driving 85, but I was only doing that to pass someone and also had my foot off the pedal when I got caught. We were going to stop by the Gilroy Premium Outlets, but (wisely) skipped it. As if the entire trunk and backseat full of stuff wasn’t enough!!!

Anyway, I always love seeing everyone on New Year Day, but I’m also glad to be back in our messy home again.

Oh yeah, the diet begins officially on Wednesday, January 3.

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