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My new topic on Consumating

Do you like my Winter Wear picture?

It’s my Pimpcoat! It doesn’t get that cold in L.A. but I love it when I get to wear the Pimpcoat.

(My latest topic from Consumating.)

Consumating’s Photo Contest

Winter is here, so it’s time to break out your hats, gloves and scarves. Show us how sexy you’ll be looking this winter.

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I got a puppy for my birthday!!!

Please welcome the newest member of the jozjozjoz family!

Pudding Puppy*! (Yes, he is filled with pudding treats!)

Joz's new puppy!

*This is not the official name. We just haven’t come up with a good one yet.

I spent my birthday almost exactly as I’d wanted to… with family and loved ones all day, punctuated by birthday wishes from my friends via phone. Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, IM, etc.

I got up early… considering Bro and I were up talking ’til 4am last night… to visit my Dad at Rose Hills (missing Nina and her family by just minutes, it turned out, who had gone to visit her Grandma). I stayed for the chanting service and visited my Grandpa, Grandma, and Nina’s Grandma, as well.

I visited Grandma early in the afternoon, picked up some comfort food at Shiau Mei and headed back home to take a nap.

Then Yoshi drove us back to Grandma’s to meet up for dinner with Bro, my Uncle Peter, and his family for an intimate birthday dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was spent with some of the people I cared most about. And while we were waiting to be seated, Mom called from Taiwan.

Then after dinner, Yoshi and I went shopping and picked up a puppy!

What a way to top off my birthday!

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