Heroes, baybee!

Anyone wanna talk about tonight’s episode of Heroes?

The cheerleader has been saved.

How is that going to help save the world?!

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8 Responses to “Heroes, baybee!”

  • I don’t care! I’m more interested in seeing what happened to Hiro!!! :D

  • I think this episode raised more questions than it answered…
    Also they saved a main character who happens to be a cheerleader, but they didn’t save the other cheerleader that Sylas went after first, so how do we know they saved the right one? Just because the paintings had the one girl in them does not mean the “save the cheerleader, save the world” statement applied to her.
    This show has so many twists and turns….which is why I love it

  • Solonor – We may not find out what happened to Hiro for 2 weeks! I think next week’s episode is a “flashback” episode going back 6 months/whenever people started getting their powers.

    They may not move the Hiro storyline ahead… well not in the “current” timeframe, anyway.

    Woody – Of course they saved the right cheerleader. (Why would they want to save that other cheerleader? How would that have made a difference in saving the world?)

    By the way, best moment of the show was when Claire clocked the other cheerleader.

  • Thats the thing about this show, they’ve thrown so many curve balls that the cheerleader thing could be (I’m not saying it IS, just that it could be) yet another twist…either way, I can’t wait to find out what happens next

  • I just want Nicki to put her damned lip down.. walking around with your mouth half open is gross :)

  • Saving the cheerleader turned out to be too easy, and the painter pretty much showed Peter dying although it was easy to predict that he absored the cheerleader’s powers and would survive. But amazing show and lots of storylines!

  • Yeah, I thought the cheerleader thing was so anticlimactic. i was like, “now what?” But i love the spoofs that I’ve been seeing of the “Save the Cheerleader” previews on Family Guy. So funny.

    I loved the Flashback episode. big improvement over the cheerleader episode. but i still don’t get how Sylar stole those powers.

  • Haven’t you figured it out yet?

    We have a nuclear calamity to stop from happening in New York in 4 or 5 weeks. We have a dude with radioactive powers, and who knows how powerful he could get if pushed. We have a cheerleader who nearly-instantly regenerates, and can withstand great heat and seemingly any damage to her tissues. And the “save the cheerleader, save the world” message from the future.

    Put them all in a blender, and hit frappe, and you get…?

    *sigh* Nuclear hands dude is the one who causes (is the cause of) the massive nuclear explosion in New York, unless we can find someone who can get to him and withstand the heat/radiation he puts out. Now where would we find someone who could withstand that kind of heat/damage…?

    *whispers* Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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