Daily Archive for November 15th, 2006

Consumating’s Photo Contest

It’s a moustache party! Gotta have a ‘stache to pass!

Vote for me First posted at Consumating!

(I hate how the “auto-post” feature from Consumating asks for your vote.)

Another wake up call from Mom…

I spoke to Mom this morning for 25 minutes. I love hearing my Mom’s voice, but don’t like being so groggy that I don’t make any sense.

I had called her the other night when I was so frustrated, but she wasn’t able to talk for more than a few minutes that day.

Mom and I are coordinating a number of things so it’s been frustrating facing bureaucracy and stupidity (by others) at every step of the way.

Anyway, I forgot to mention a very important highlight from my Orlando vacation… I received my Mom’s first email while I was there! (My Mom has never sent an email on her own before). This morning, I asked her about the email and she started laughing. I guess she was at the library and there was an open computer, so she decided to try sending a message to me (she couldn’t remember my brother’s email address) without any help. She said it took her SO LONG to peck it out on the keyboard. I told her how happy I was to receive it, that I already replied to her message and that she’ll get the response from me the next time she checks her email… whenever that will be!

I know that my Mom prefers to hear our voices on the phone over emails, but I’m so proud of her for trying a new way of communicating with us!

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