Orlando Vacation Debrief

Highlights of the Trip:

  • Spending time with Yoshi
  • Not having to be at the office for a week
  • Getting to fly JetBlue and having DirecTV to distract me on the flights.
  • Finally getting to meet Stacy of MyDamnBlog.net (not .com!) ::here is Stacy’s post mentioning our visit::
  • Going to Walt Disney World with Yoshi and also Dave.
  • Going to the Kennedy Space Center and getting a “NASA Up Close” tour of the launch pads for the current shuttle missions
  • Using up our quarters to mash pennies everywhere we went (What’s up with the penny machines for Epcot Japan and China being outside of the countries?! What’s up with the displacement of the asian penny mashers?!!?!?)
  • Free wi-fi in the lobby of our condo (not that I really got to use it much)
  • Seeing them work on the giant (life-sized) gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian Hotel (and eating a piece of the house)
  • Staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and having a room overlooking numerous zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, etc.
  • Attending an awesome wedding
  • Going backstage at Epcot
  • Stuffing my face at Jiko Restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Rehearsal Dinner)
  • Stuffing my face at the Garden View Lounge Afternoon Tea (Bridal Shower)
  • Stuffing my face at the Living Seas Lounge at Epcot (Wedding Reception)
  • Meeting lots of cool new peeps. And seeing old friends.
  • Parts of the Trip I Could’ve Done Without:

  • Paying an arm and a leg for DisneyWorld passes (when I could have gotten them for free)
  • Starting off the trip with Yoshi leaving a carry-on bag (with our boarding passes and confirmation numbers) at home
  • Having to navigate the Burbank Airport terminal carrying ALL FOUR of our heavy pieces of luggage (to check) + my two heavy carry on pieces while Yoshi went back home to get the missing carry-on.
  • Crashing and bumping into members of the Webber International University football team in the terminal while carrying all the baggage. The entire JetBlue check-in area was filled with BIG BIG guys wearing their green and gold team gear + various coaches, girlfriends, and tons of equipment.
  • Getting yelled at by some random guy for running over his foot with my 100+ lbs of bags. Oops. It wasn’t like I did it on purpose. For that split second only, I wished my bags weighed 1000+ instead.
  • Having to wait in line behind all these guys while carrying all the baggage to check my bags.
  • Finding out there was a separate check-in line for non-football members after I’d already waited for 20 minutes behind them. I was still carrying all that crap the whole time.
  • Finding out that the stinky football team (I found this out from standing near them and realizing they’d been in LA for 3 days and had no laundry facilities) was going to be on our 4 hour+ flight from Burbank to Orlando. Once we all got on the plane, it turned out that the team filled the entire back half of the plane and the flight attendants had to move several football players to the front of the plane to redistribute the weight on the plane.
  • The rain and tornado on Tuesday in Orlando.
  • Not being able to find postcards anywhere that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Not being able to get my postcards out until we were about to leave Orlando.
  • Getting lost numerous times while trying to get from place to place on the Disney properties.
  • Realizing that I’m too old for certain thrill rides because I got queasy from doing the “Mission: Space” ride at Epcot.
  • Our friend Mary being sick and having strep throat the entire trip.
  • Being too tired to think clearly and putting two boxes of soy milk in a duffel bag which subsequently got punctured and destroyed almost everything in the duffel bag.
  • Getting airsick on the flight home. I didn’t barf, but I felt like I was going to for the rest of the night.
  • Getting reminders of all the work and stuff I have to come back to when I return to L.A.
  • Only getting a week of vacation.
  • ::this post was brought to you courtesy of the free wi-fi and yummy croissants at Aux Delices on Colorado in Pasadena.::

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    9 Responses to “Orlando Vacation Debrief”

    • Wow! Sounds like you need a vacation to get over your vacation. (glad you got to meet the former MCBK)

    • You came to Orlando, and you didn’t meet up with me??? Hmph!

    • “…when I could have gotten in for free” Um please explain.

    • wait ….so you met stacy of motorcitybadkitty?? You do know that she and I went to high school together. :)

    • mice: that’s top secret information and cannot expound upon it.

      Alls I can say that being the jozjozjoz evidently has some pull here and there. Unfortunately, the jozjozjoz sometmes forgets to throw her weight around when it can save her $$$.

    • so i won’t cross post but suffice it to say it was a big big big deal to me for us to be able to go and thank you for putting up with me for the week!

      now back to the real world. boooo!!!!!!

    • Welcome back. Doncha just love soy milk, though?

    • Was Mission Space the one in the giant golf ball? Or was that one something like “world of tomorrow”? It’s been about 12 years since I’ve been there, but I seem to remember liking Epcot a whole lot. And eating a whole lot of food!!!!!! I think that was the best part. :)

      Wait – the kid is nearly 19, so that would mean it has been closer to 14 years. *sigh* time flies.

    • Well phoofy doo :( dumb football players (kidding). Some day I will go to the World. Heck Disneyland costs an arm and a leg to go :( stinks man. I’d go more often (just to people watch– I like Universal more hehehee) if I could afford tickets!!

      Welcome home :D

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