Daily Archive for November 4th, 2006

Really annoyed…

I had to update my voter registration, which I did in the appropriate time frame.

I sent in for an absentee ballot for myself, my mom and my brother (at the same time).

Received sample ballots for all.

But we realized today that my Bro is the only one with an absentee ballot. Therefore, he’s going to be the only one of us who can vote (since Mom and I are both going to be out of town on Election Day). Ironically, he is the only one of us who didn’t actually NEED the absentee ballot.

It does not feel like vacation yet.

Why the heck did I have to stay up all night and STILL not be done with everything I’m supposed to work on tonight?

And that’s right, I said vacation. Details possibly forthcoming. Possibly not.

A number of things I meant to blog about, but never got around to:

  • Went to a screening a few weeks ago of Paramount’s “Flushed Away.” Enjoyed it. Loved the slugs.
  • Watched a crapload of TV. Cleared the TiVo in anticipation of being out of town for a week.
  • Went to a special screening earlier this week for Paramount’s “The Freedom Writers” coming out Martin Luther King, Jr Weekend 2007. Had just devoured the book last weekend while out of town to San Jose. Loved the book. Enjoyed the movie as well, though as you might suspect, the book is stronger. The screening was a special ‘friends and family’ screening in Newport Beach by Erin Gruwell (the teacher who inspired the movie) and we got to meet actual Freedom Writers. Very inspiring. Picture(s) possibly forthcoming.
  • 11/2: Dad’s been gone 4 months
  • 11/3: Grandma’s been gone 7 years
  • More birthday blues
  • Ok, that’s it. Need sleep now. Getting up in two hours.

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