Daily Archive for October 24th, 2006

“This is not the comedy we blog I intended to do when the week I began.”

Last week I was 90% done with a post last week and I accidentally closed the window I was typing in. Ooops. That’s another entry lost in the ether.

I did make the notes (in bold) that it was about the about the following topics:

  • Pig uterus. (Done: 10/17/06. I think I was going to write that I was surprised that only a couple of people commented about the fact that I’d eaten pig uterus and admitted to it.)
  • Miss my blog. (I think I had something to say about how I missed having my old Movable Type blog that I knew how to configure and work better. Also probably wanted to say something about how I missed the old “happy, fun” jozjozjoz… both the blog and person.)
  • Sleep first, stay up all night. (I think this was a theory that if I could sleep for a couple of hours after getting home from work, that I could stay up all night and get a lot more done. Of course, this would kill any possibility of me having any kind of social life, so maybe this one is not such a hot idea.)
  • Will get to see my old friends Wing Lam and eD! of Wahoo’s Fish Taco at the AAJA Trivia Bowl this Friday night. Yay! (Done: 10/20/06)
  • Heroes. (I think I meant to say that Heroes is my newest favorite TV show, even though it is a little too freaky for me and I’m not allowed to watch it by myself. I also might have mentioned that I geeked out and joined 9th Wonders, The Unofficial Official Fan Site of Heroes because I couldn’t find anyone who I could chat with about the show.)
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. (I think I said something about this being my next favorite new TV show of the season. I enjoy the West Wing-esque pacing and dialogue ala Aaron Sorkin, but I am pushed over the edge by the fact that the fictional NBS TV network is located in my actual place of work. Really! And the fictional Studio 60, which is based on the Palladium, is really across the street from my office. It is kind of weird to have watched some scenes on primetime TV and realize that they are supposed to be taking place right now in the building I work in right now. They did a scene in the second episode which was actually shot in our building (elevator lobby) a few months ago. [Incidentally, the Jordan McDeere character turned and walked into an imaginary elevator that doesn’t actually exist.] I remember the day because when they were shooting these scenes (in the middle of the day on a workday), they had PAs controlling every elevator car to make sure no one would accidently exit the elevator and ruin a scene. Consequently, they temporarily halted 4 of the 6 elevator cars and only let the other two run intermittently. Needless to say, there were numerous lines on each floor for people waiting to get on the elevators in our 20+ floor building. On the bright side, our building managers used some of the thousands of dollars they must have received to buy everyone in the building some pizza the next day. Too bad they didn’t order enough pizza and by the time my floor got there, they were out. Doh.)
  • Ok, so I pretty much reconstructed a post I meant to write last week. Maybe next week I will write about what I intended to write this week.

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