Break it down now…

My Friday + weekend

Morning: Mom calls around 7am from Taiwan, needs me to send a bunch of stuff back to her.
Day: Work
Night: AAJA Trivia Bowl, ate Wahoo’s and lots of chips. (Thanks a lot, Frito Lay! And I was doing so well about not eating junk, too!)
Late night: Blog, Futz around the house

Morning: Sleep in til 10:30, futz around til noonish
Afternoon: Work (with Bossguy)
Evening: Dinner at the Larchmont Grill, went to see Molly Ringwald as “Sweet Charity” at the Pantages. (Eh. Would’ve rather seen her as Annie)
Late evening night: Watch stuff on TiVo until who knows what time

Morning: Mom calls at 8am from Taiwan. I move from the bedroom to the futon in the den to talk to her. Fall asleep on futon after talking to mom. Sleep in until 10:30.
Late morning/Early afternoon: Futz around the house
Afternoon: Go visit Grandma, stop by Shiau-Mei for some Taiwanese fast food (yum! Oyster pancake/蚵仔煎!)
Evening: Return home, pay bills, do crap around the house, watch more stuff on the TiVo

It feels like I did a lot this weekend, but didn’t get much done. Hm.

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