Daily Archive for October 18th, 2006

Proof that dogs are better than cats.

Heroic Dog Saves Owner from Fire, Dies Trying To Save Cat

I submit that it was the cat who started the fire.

It was the dog that brought the lady her prosthetic leg, the phone to call 911, and then pulled her to safety before going in after the cat.

(Sorry to all my cat-loving friends, but I am totally right on this one. Plus, I am totally allergic to cats.)

Good thing I am still up…

Mom just called from Taiwan. She’s been there for about 24 hours and has done a lot already.

It’s 3:20am. She thought it was 3:20 in the afternoon here, for some reason. At least she didn’t wake me up from deep sleep. I’m pretty grumpy when that happens.

She got my Dad’s old cell phone # working again, so now she’s reachable.

Good to hear her voice. I miss her already.

UPDATE: I just added a Taiwan clock to the bottom of my blog. Now I’ll be able to tell what time it is so I know if it’s ok to call Mom.

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