Daily Archive for October 17th, 2006

What happened to my weekend?

The entire weekend was such a blur, I barely remember it.

It started with my Mom and Bro coming over early on Saturday morning and having a quick and simple breakfast before heading to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) office to take care of some paperwork. THREE+ HOURS LATER, we were back at my place again, debating on how the rest of the weekend was going to proceed. I had to do some paperwork and work on a few things before leaving for the weekend, so it was a few hours before we left my place and headed toward Grandma’s to visit her.

Pig Uterus at My Way DeliWe were all hungry by that time, so we stopped off at My Way Deli/味佳冷飲小吃 again for some Taiwanese grub. Mom and I ordered most of the same things from the other night, but since Bro was with us, we ordered a few other dishes including Pork Intestine and Blood soup and (my Mom ordered this) Pig Uterus. My brother and I ate it because we kind of didn’t know what it was. I mean, we were already eating pig intestines, so we figured they were some other kind of intestine. It was when Mom was talking about how the texture was different than that of the intestines (kind of firm and bordering on crunchy) and that how you can’t buy them in the supermarket and that only female pigs had them… when my brother goes “Uterus! Uterus! We’re eating uterus!”

I kind of flipped out, but we had almost finished them at that point and I realized I’d eaten these before and didn’t die, so I figured it was ok not to flip out. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. Also, if I ever go on Fear Factor, I know I can probably eat anything if they give me chopsticks and a dish of soy sauce.

Anyway, we visited Grandma (who is home from the hospital now, recovering from a bout with pneumonia) and then my Brother and I waited for a repair guy to come over to see if he could figure out what was causing a leak in my grandma’s closet ceiling. After that, we headed back to my parents’ house in OC. Since we had two cars, my Mom had taken one to go visit with her sister and her husband. Bro and I drove back home on the 5 in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Even though I was exhausted, I stayed up to wait for Mom to get home. Then we did some random housework and stayed up until 3am. I was immersed in a stupid game of Bomberman on my Brother’s Nintendo DS. (It was acting up and wouldn’t save my Nintendog Shih Tzu named Bob.)

On Sunday, my Mom made us brunch (hot pot) and then I tried to continue cleaning more of my old junk out of the house, throwing away a lot more stuff that had been packed away for well over 10 years. Instead of meeting some classmates for a much-needed study session for another Finance exam, I stayed and hung out with Mom and Bro, which was a good decision. When it was time for me to leave and go back to my place on Sunday night, my Mom couldn’t let me go. And the truth is, I didn’t want to let her go either.

My Mom left for Taiwan on Monday. None of us are sure how long she’ll need to be back there, but it’s pretty clear it’s going to be for at least a few months.

My birthday is coming up in November and she kept apologizing that she wouldn’t be here for it. I had wanted to have a big party for this birthday, but that was before my Dad died. Now that my Dad’s gone, I don’t much feel like having a party for myself. Really, all I want is to spend my birthday/Thanksgiving with my family. And even though there was more than one year when we didn’t get to spend the holidays together with Dad, this year it’s not just because he’s in Taiwan. Now that my Mom is going to be in Taiwan during my birthday, I’m not sure what I want to do for my birthday.

Anyway, I’m kind of whigging out about my Mom being in Taiwan. It didn’t freak me out that much when she was there almost all of last year (my goodness, that feels like it was sooo long ago!), but I guess I just want to be closer to family all the time now.

And now that I’ve done enough procrastinating, it’s (really) time to hit the books for my test on Thursday night.

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