Yoshi is in pain and it was all my fault and now there’s nothing I can do and I’m UPSET! (I was crying earlier, but that just made my contacts pop out and I stopped so I don’t lose them.)

Way back at the beginning of this year, I sent Yoshi to a crackpot dentist/endodontist who not only messed up the Yoshi-teeth and caused severe dental pain, but also caused permanent (irreparable?) damage, and has already cost thousands and thousands in dental expenses.

Yoshi finally had enough with this retarded dentist/endodontist I referred and asked if I could make an appointment with my dentist (who is very good, but not “in-network” and very, very expensive). My dentist referred out to a trusted and very good endodontist who took Yoshi in today for a same-day appointment.

The upshot is that this endodontist doesn’t want to fix the mess the first one caused. Basically, to get this fixed, Yoshi has to go back to the first one. And, although I completely understand why, Yoshi refuses to go back to the first.

Also, Yoshi has already “maxed out” on whatever insurance covers in a year… whatever that means. So let’s say this new endodontist agrees to fix things (which he already said he won’t)… it would be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE to do so. Let’s say we wait ’til next year and “start from scratch.” Still will be expensive and more importantly, the damage has already been done.

I feel upset (and guilty) because if I had just referred my dentist in the first place (out-of-network or not), a lot of this could have been avoided. It’s very likely that they would not have had to do so many root canals (yes, multiple) on Yoshi who had (up until this quack) very nice teeth.

If I was so intent on finding an in-network dentist, I should have asked around and found someone with a lot of good feedback instead of sending Yoshi to one I found in the book. To be fair, the dentist I looked up was well-established and had been practicing for many years, graduated from a good school. I did not know that that dentist would only see Yoshi for the first appointment and then have a different dentist take over from there. I did not know they would screw things up and actually *cause* Yoshi to have a root canal or two. I did not know that the endodontist they refer would be incompentent and not “get it all” so that Yoshi would have lingering pain and hurt while doing simple things like, oh, brushing.

Still, if I had any idea it could have turned out like this, I should have referred to my dentist in the first place.

And now I am going to cry some more because I inadvertently caused someone I love a lot of pain and trouble and there is nothing I can even do about it now. Because Yoshi won’t let me and says there is nothing I can do. The last thing I want is for this to get worse than it already is.

I suck.

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10 Responses to “UPSET!”

  • jeez. DRAMATIC! i’m ok. really. and it’s not your fault i’m too freaked out and, yes, stubborn to go back to the quack.

    the gist of the story is that the first endodontist may have missed a root in one or both teeth, and he may or may not have taken enough of the root out in a few places. the endo i saw today was unwilling to pass judgement on someone else’s work (which i agree with, even though i dislike the first endodontist, it’s not fair) and basically said i should have it “made right” by the guy. and as i choose never to set foot in that office again, that’s where it stands right now.

    unless someone out there can prescribe me some valium so that i could call the dental office. otherwise that’s not happening and neither is the actual “fixing” of the teeth.

  • Yeah, but WHY did you have to have a root canal in the first place?

  • First of all it is not your fault for trying to do the right thing.
    Second, a malpractice suit sounds like it is in order.
    Should you need an attorney, write to me at my e-mail and I will send you my attorney’s phone number.
    Likewise, I have a fantastic dentist who if nothing else will know the right person to help, again, if you need…ask.


  • Are you two seriously having a conversation on a blog? Funny. :)

  • Yoshi/Joz,

    Similar problems….you don’t want to know.

    Call/email if you want a nice, kind dentist on Robinson, in-between Wilshire and Olympic.

    Sorry you are in such pain. :(


  • I had a similar thing.. .I needed a root canal and fired my dentist after he finished getting the root out (which he didn’t get all of). A different dentist put the crown on. And then after 2 years, I had to go to an endodontist to have surgery to remove the remaining root ends because another root canal wouldn’t guarantee to get them. :( It sucks, but it will get better again.

  • Sorry to hear that! Hope all gets better for Yoshi soon!!! And sorry about that comment on my page about Paris Hilton…… Lol

  • Awww poor yoshi. Stop being such a drama queen Joz…I’m sure it will all be fine.

  • Joz, don’t blame yourself because another person turned out to be a moron. Save your venom for the board that granted this quack a license; don’t use it against yourself.

  • That sucks, sorry to hear about that Yoshi! I have a good denitist in Pasadena if you need a good referral….

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