I appreciate your/You are great at

This seems like so long ago, but I guess it really wasn’t.

On the last night of my Organizational Behavior class (4/13/06) during my first trimester (it’s like a semester, but not exactly. They insist on using this stupid word so people think we’re talking about pregnancy all the time), we did this exercise. I can’t remember what it was for, but I think it was something about giving feedback to others.

Basically, we wrote our names at the top of a piece of paper (horizontal). We drew a line down the center to create two columns. The professor had punched holes into the top corners of the paper so we could wear our papers on some string on our backs. Then we went around the classroom and finished the phrases “I appreciate your/You are great at” for each other.

This is what mine said:

I appreciate your/You are great at
-conversation & emails/feedback-you always have something intelligent to say
-confidence & individuality & articulation/speaking
-friendship/speaking your mind
-opinion/contradicting me!!!
-contribution/adding value to class
-friendship & acceptance/being honest and a hard worker
-working well with others & respecting all perspectives/speaking clearly & effectively*

How do you think my classmates did? (*I think that last one was my professor’s.)

Do you want to finish the two phrases above for me?

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