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I appreciate your/You are great at

This seems like so long ago, but I guess it really wasn’t.

On the last night of my Organizational Behavior class (4/13/06) during my first trimester (it’s like a semester, but not exactly. They insist on using this stupid word so people think we’re talking about pregnancy all the time), we did this exercise. I can’t remember what it was for, but I think it was something about giving feedback to others.

Basically, we wrote our names at the top of a piece of paper (horizontal). We drew a line down the center to create two columns. The professor had punched holes into the top corners of the paper so we could wear our papers on some string on our backs. Then we went around the classroom and finished the phrases “I appreciate your/You are great at” for each other.

This is what mine said:

I appreciate your/You are great at
-conversation & emails/feedback-you always have something intelligent to say
-confidence & individuality & articulation/speaking
-friendship/speaking your mind
-opinion/contradicting me!!!
-contribution/adding value to class
-friendship & acceptance/being honest and a hard worker
-working well with others & respecting all perspectives/speaking clearly & effectively*

How do you think my classmates did? (*I think that last one was my professor’s.)

Do you want to finish the two phrases above for me?

Today I learned…

…that Diet Sunkist (orange) soda makes me very burpy. Don’t ask how I figured that one out.

Sorry if that was TMI.

In a school-related news, I got a 91 (out of 100) on my Finance Exam. The rocket scientist chick got a 98 (highest grade in the class). Proof that I’m no rocket scientist. Or finance-ist. Or wordsmith, evidently.

Today someone stopped by my desk and asked what I did the day before…

…I honestly had no idea.

5 hours later, after I’d been home for a while, I finally remembered that I had taken a long lunch to pick up some paperwork from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles*.

I felt like a total idiot because my mind was a total blank.

She probably thought I was lying or covering something up because I sat there like a retard going “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

But I seriously couldn’t remember. And it’s not like my mind blanked momentarily and I remembered a minute or two later. It took HOURS of me thinking about it until I finally recalled everything I had going on the day before.

For the record, I stayed at the office until 8pm to make up for the time I was out.

*Side story: Mom, Bro and I had gone together on Saturday morning to drop off the said paperwork. It took us a lot longer than anyone anticipated. We got a $30 parking ticket while doing this. I’m going to pay it. But I am not happy about it.

Is it that I’m cranky right now?

Or that the whole world is freakin’ aggravating!?

It’s WAAAYYYY too early (in the day and in the week) for people to start pissing me off already.

I really don’t understand why weekends are so short…

I already talked about what I had going on this past weekend. I did all of that and a little more.

The result is a very tired Joz.

This morning I got up and went to the beautiful memorial service for my cousins’ grandmother. She was so beautiful and peaceful. I felt so much sadness for their entire family to see how much they missed such a loving woman.

Also, the service was in the exact same location my father’s service was held. With the same people at the funeral home taking the lead; it was all a little too fresh.

But I’m glad I went. My cousin Nina made a really beautiful memorial booklet of her grandmother with a lot of really great pictures and a really well-written biography of her grandmother. I was really moved by the words/poetry my Uncle wrote/read. And both my cousins Sarah and Nina spoke very eloquently in Chinese about their grandmother. I know she was very proud of them.

I had to run off and get to work (once or twice a month, I work at an auction house in Beverly Hills… my Dad was a long-time client and I started working there about 10 years ago after tagging along with my Dad to a sale) and by the time the auction was over, I was mentally exhausted.

After I got home from work, I noticed that the left rear tire of Yoshi’s car was flat, so we spent a little time waiting for the AAA guy to come to put the spare on. I had a little food and watched some TV to unwind. The TV watching resulted in a few hours of napping on the couch which put me a few hours behind in work, but also gave me a bit more energy to focus on some stuff I needed to handle.

What I didn’t do this weekend was any kind of studying/school work. Thank goodness I am only taking one course this trimester. Well, actually, I am also taking a weekend seminar in a couple of weeks, but the point is that I’m not doing a full-time academic schedule right now.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we did go to the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night. I had a great time, even though some of the program sucked. (Whose idea was it to do a karaoke singalong without checking to see if they could get the words to sync up right on the screens?) ABC, The Psychdelic Furs, and The Human League were all on the program, in that order. It’s a good thing because the show got better as the night went on. That said, in some ways, it felt like a long night.

I was going to post a photo of a GINORMOUS spider I saw at the Bowl, but I’m too tired to download the pics off my camera. So maybe someday you’ll see it on my flickr. But since I’m really bad about uploading pictures there, you might not.

The point is there was a big giant spider and I took a picture of it.

Hmmm. Obviously, I am tired again.

Time to try to sleep.

Thus begins the (mostly) no fun weekend.

While I am grateful for the weekends, one thing I can’t count on anymore is the “fun weekend.” This isn’t to say that I don’t have fun weekends anymore (I had a great weekend last weekend and also a great Labor Day weekend when we celebrated Mom’s birthday), it’s just that nowaday a weekend could be filled with any number of necessary and unpleasant tasks… usually things that involve taking care of “family stuff” (generic term I’ll use which emcompasses Dad’s death-related stuff; I know this is going to drag on for months).

We won’t even go into spending weekends doing homework, studying for tests, or getting together for random projects.

This weekend I’ve got an appointment early tomorrow morning with my Mom and Bro to take care of some paperwork, an afternoon appointment, and work on Sunday. Saddest yet is that the memorial service for my cousin’s grandmother is on Sunday morning. I’m trying to swing it so I can attend and also get to work on time… not sure if that’s going to happen.

None of this leaves me any time to really relax or take care of random chores/paperwork/etc around the house over the weekend. People wonder why I don’t have time for things like blogging anymore. Well, since the only reason I really ever had time to blog was because I never really slept and now that I’m trying to sleep more, blogging gets pushed down my list of priorities even further. Then I miss hearing from my friends and having a place to go later when I’m trying to remember what the heck I was doing and I realize that blogging is one of the few things I do for myself that I really enjoy.

On a blog-related note, the post I wrote the week my Dad was in the hospital will now officially move off my front page– as will the other posts about my Dad as I start writing more. This makes me sad in a weird way; as if it means I’m moving on and leaving it behind me when in reality, I think about my Dad every single day now. But I can’t keep that post up forever (though I can just keep linking to it, I guess) and I should know that not having my Dad on the front page doesn’t mean I am forgetting about him. Funny though, that’s what it feels like what I’m doing…

Anyway, I do have one bright spot ahead this weekend… our last set of tickets for the Hollywood Bowl: Totally ’80s with The Human League, The Psychedelic Furs & ABC hosted by Jane Wiedlin! I’ll admit, I’m less excited about these tix now than I was when I bought them last year (a lot of things are different now that Dad’s gone), but I’m still looking forward to it, nonetheless.

Test over.

Hooray for a completed exam!

Got home and watched TV.

Hooray for the new episodes of Two and a Half Men. (Too bad the season opener sucked.)

Now it’s time for sleep.

Hooray for sleep!

Nothing like an all-nighter…

I’ve been trying really hard not to pull all-nighters anymore. I know I used to stay up to all hours, but My Mom says that one of the things that she thinks contributed to my Dad’s stroke was lack of sleep. I know that my Dad spent the last few months of his life (probably more) doing stuff all day and then staying up nights to do more stuff (online, writing, etc.).

Anyway, last night I stayed up until 5am studying for my Finance exam. And for the most part, it was good studying. I got through 3 really tough chapters and have 1 more left before tonight.

Now I’m going to stop blogging, finish my lunch at my desk, and try to tackle that final chapter.

How did it get to be so late?

I know that 10pm was never exactly “late” for me, but I feel like I just got home a few minutes ago.

I have my first Finance exam tomorrow night and after a study session with some of my team members last night, I just realized that I didn’t retain anything we learned over the last three weeks. Now it’s a race to cram 6 big chapters into my head.

Ever since my Dad passed away I’ve been saying that my brain felt “scrambled.”

Any chance it’ll unscramble itself by 6pm tomorrow?

In loving memory of Yeh Yu Yeh (1933-2006)

Yeh Yu Yeh
Yeh Yu Yeh

My Mom just called me to let me know that my cousins Nina, Sarah, and Daniel just lost their (maternal) grandmother today.

She had landed in the hospital after a small stroke last Thursday, but recovered for a bit. On Saturday, she had a very massive stroke and passed away this morning.

I did not know her well, but I know that she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart… I see her wonderful legacy in her daughter (my Aunt Mary) and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who I love and truly respect.

My heart is with my cousins and their families because, as you can imagine, I can completely relate to what they are going through right now.

If you have a moment, you can read Nina’s account about her grandmother at her blog and leave her a little comment. I’m sure she’ll appreciate a message of support when she has a quiet moment to check her site.

I said this less than 3 months ago (the day my Dad had his stroke), but it holds true today as it does everyday:

Please call someone you care about right now and tell them that you love them.

Farewell (for now) to a true L.A. treasure

John MauceriIt’s just past midnight and I just got home from the final performance in our Hollywood Bowl season subscription. For me, it marks an end of a really hard summer; we had just gone to the Opening Night Gala at the Bowl the night before my father had his stroke.

For everyone else, it marks the end of John Mauceri’s 16-year run as the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Director and the performances this weekend are celebrations to John. After 323 concerts, John steps down as Director and is leaving the Bowl to start a new chapter as Chancellor of the North Carolina School of the Arts. While John is planning on returning to appear as guest conductor for concerts with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in the future, tonight was all about having a great time and to enjoy John Mauceri as L.A.’s own, one last time.

One of the traditions at the annual “Great American Concert” is the Mauceri State of the Union Address that John gives. This year, he did not do one at the “Great American Concert” and instead held off to do a Farewell Address tonight in his charming and humorous manner; telling stories about his wife Betty and her adventures in driving in L.A., his son buying Dolce & Gabbana eyewearm and a few others that made me laugh.

On the program were Tony Award-winner Kristin Chenoweth (she brought down the house); Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy (show-stoppers… literally); and members of the Joffrey Ballet recreate Nijinsky’s choreography to Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (I’d rather have seen Nijinsky a doin’ the rhumba…). The orchestra also premiered of works by Richard Rodney Bennett, Danny Elfman (called “Overeager Overture,” and yes, Danny Elfman was in attendance tonight for the premiere), and a suite of music from the still unfinished “Princess Bride” by Adam Guettel (who could not attend because he is still writing) created especially for this weekend. Of course, there were fireworks at the finale… you bet they did something big and special for John! There were 3 encores (so don’t leave right after the fireworks) and the second one was dedicated to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and to concertmaster Bruce Dukov. John mentioned that the second encore of every performance this weekend would be dedicated to someone different. Let me know who they were if you go Saturday or Sunday night…

2006 Hollywood Bowl Firework Finale - Thanks John Maurceri

If you missed it tonight, there are still tickets left for Saturday and Sunday nights.

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