Daily Archive for August 31st, 2006

I promise my blog…

…will not become one that is filled with stuff about school.

As I briefly mentioned not too long ago, I went back to school at the beginning of this year. I was going back and forth about whether or not I wanted to keep it private or to put it out on my blog. Back in November, I had hinted about having some good news to share. Who knew that would be the start of the false rumor that I was pregnant?!?! (Thanks again Nez and Mr Don for setting the record straight.)

Anyway, that was when I found out I got accepted to the Fully Employed MBA Program at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

(Sidenote: OutOutBlogger just got into the same program.)

Since my Dad’s passing, I’ve been less guarded about some of the things I’m posting. For instance, I never ever would have considered posting my Dad’s first and last name on my blog while he was still alive: I value the privacy and safety of my loved ones.

But since school is a huge commitment, and is a major reason why I have less time for blogging. I so I guess I… [end of post written on 8/31/06]

9/11/06 @ 1:25am:
I can’t remember what my point of the blog post was, but I thought I’d just post it with a few other notes:
The day after I wrote the above was my Mom’s birthday. It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend. My brother brought her over and we all (Mom, Bro, Yoshi and me) had a late lunch together from Al-Wazir Chicken. Later that evening, we celebrated Mom’s birthday at the Hollywood Bowl. The program was movie music, conducted by John Williams. The second half of the program was basically all his music, some of which was played to movie clips on the big screen. We were all amused by the light sabers that came out when they played the Imperial March from Star Wars. I was happy that we could spend Mom’s birthday together, but it was bittersweet that Dad wasn’t with us… well other than being with us in spirit, that is.

Mom and Bro spent the night at our place and on Saturday morning, Mom and I got up early to go to San Gabriel for an appointment. Mom got up earlier than I did and watered the garden at my place, something I have never done in the 2-3 years I’ve lived here. Later, Bro met up with us at Grandma’s house. I can’t remember what else happened that weekend. This is why I should write things down more often.

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