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Tonight we were served by The Sushi Nazi and we didn’t get kicked out…

Sushi Nozawa

It just so happened that we all happened to be free for dinner… Bossguy, me and Yoshi… so we ended up at Sushi Nozawa around 7pm and were seated right away at a table. We turned off our cell phones as soon as we sat down.

3 “Trust Me” Specials. A large Asahi, a Diet Coke, and a water.

The Special is selected by Nozawa-san, aka the Sushi Nazi… he picks out what he’ll serve you; omakase: chef’s choice. “Trust Me,” it says.

Tonight’s Special was baby tuna sashimi (maguro) in ponzu sauce, yellowtail (hamachi, probably my favorite) sushi, red snapper (tai) sushi, crab rolls (fresh crab), large scallop (kaibashira) sushi, and fatty tuna (toro) roll.

This wasn’t regular sushi. It was fresh, high quality sushi. Served in a very modest, unpretentious strip mall off of Ventura. On plastic plates. Who cares about the plates? The food was delicious. I would not question Nozawa-san and would trust him to serve only the best.


We weren’t in the line of fire (the sushi bar), so Bossguy dared to take a call on his cell phone (he was hiding it) and even asked for fruit for dessert to Mrs. Nozawa (no, we didn’t get any and it was good thing he was about to pay). No one was dumb enough to ask for a California Roll. So we didn’t get kicked out.

Yes, people have been thrown out for not following the rules. (Rumor has it that Charlize Theron was thrown out of here a few years ago.) We were in and out in under an hour. And when we left there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in.

I know some people poo-poo this place because of the lack of ambiance, service, decor, whatever. But I, for one, enjoy good food and since Bossguy was buying, the high cost of such a meal wasn’t an issue. Check out what others say about Sushi Nozawa.
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