Today is Father’s Day in Taiwan

8/8 (Eight-Eight in Mandarin is pronounced “ba-ba.” Father in Mandarin is also pronounced “ba-ba”) is Father’s Day in Taiwan. Even though we refer to him as “Dad” in English, 95% of the time, we called him “Ba-Ba.” Usually, my Dad would be in Taiwan at this time of year, so I would have to remember to call him on 8/7 so I could wish him a happy Ba-Ba Day on the right day. Sometimes I would forget about the time difference and he’d get the call on 8/8 LA time, 8/9 Taiwan time.

This year, I didn’t forget, but I guess it didn’t matter what day it was because I can’t just pick up the phone and hear his voice anymore. I spent a good portion of the day thinking about my Dad and how much I miss him and love him. We were so lucky to have spent (American) Father’s Day together in June (the weekend before his stroke). *sigh*

Dad, Joz & DJ at a Little League game
Here’s a picture of me, my Dad, and our dog DJ from the year “ba-ba” (1988). I’m pretty sure it was taken at one of my brother’s Little League games. Back then, our grandparents would come over on the weekends to watch my Bro’s games. We would often bring DJ with us, too.

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9 Responses to “Today is Father’s Day in Taiwan”

  • I really enjoy seeing all the pictures of you and your Dad from the past few years. You’re such a good daughter for remembering Ba-Ba Day each year. I’m pretty sure your Dad knew how much you love him.

  • I was actually thinking about you and your late dad and my late dad today. I went to eat dumplings in El Monte and it sort of came over me.
    Glad to see you back to the blog.

  • Wow, you didn’t have the tall hair like all the other girls i know from the 80’s. :P *hugz*

  • What a nice picture! I’m sorry the day was hard for you, I hope it gets better each year. Perhaps you can keep wishing him a happy day, anyway?

  • that’s a really great picture. your dad seemed like a really happy guy- definitely keep him in your heart always!


  • This is the first time I am reading about this. All my love and good thoughts.

  • oh joz. I’m so sorry still. We call our dad “baba” too in Bengali. *hugs* I’m still so sorry for your loss.

  • You have such courage Jocelyn. Thank you for sharing, even though it must be hard. I was so surprised to get birthday wishes from you too, at such a trying time in your life. What a wonderful woman you are. Much love, thoughts and prayer for you and your family.

  • These things are hard at first, it may not seem like it now, but it will get easier.

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