Daily Archive for August 3rd, 2006

Thank you for your support

I am lucky to have so many good friends.

(in no particular order…)
::seanbonner:: ::ponzi:: ::kylebunch:: ::noirbettie:: ::flanflanflan:: ::flanflanflan again:: ::aiyahh:: ::blogging.la/cybele:: ::danielphillip:: ::stalebetty:: ::lloyd/theyearofcoffee:: ::jeniverse:: ::teebubble:: ::krush:: ::the other yoshi:: ::nez:: ::nez again:: ::buzzstuff:: ::sha in la:: ::sporked tongue:: ::solonor:: ::will campbell, answer man:: ::ilorraine:: ::keri:: ::my silvermac:: ::phoenix-heart:: ::jillian/sockgirl::

I know there are more posts out there and lots of people who left comments, sent emails, left IMs, sent text messages, sent cards via snail mail, called to check up on me on my phone, etc, etc. I am so grateful.

Let me know if I somehow missed you if you made a post on your blog. Thanks again.

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