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Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl 2006…

The audience retards come out in droves. We sat right in front a few of them.

Awesome program though:

Opening Night at the Bowl: Carlos Santana, André Watts & Blue Man Group

Friday, June 23, 2006, 8:30 PM
Hollywood Bowl

2006 Hollywood Bowl Opening Night ProgramArtists:
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
John Mauceri, conductor
Carlos Santana, Hall of Fame inductee
André Watts, Hall of Fame inductee
Blue Man Group, special guest
John C. Reilly
Jubilant Sykes
Downey High School Jazz Band

This couple and their young daughter were behind us. The girl could not sit still and asked questions throughout the program. Questions like “Can I have a pretzel?” not questions related to the program. Throughout the show, when the guy got excited, he would whistle loudly and shrilly. Soon, the daughter followed suit with LOUD, incessant screaming. Especially when Santana was on stage. After Santana’s first set, I couldn’t take it anymore. My ears hurt and my head ached. We stood in a walkway for the rest of the performance. Everyone around us was pissed off as well… we just were the first ones to leave.

I don’t know why I keep going back to the Bowl because I just get pissed off by the idiocy of the people around me everytime I go.

On another note, tonight was a big night for me. I got on the Metro in Los Angeles for the first time. Thanks to Yoshi for holding my hand and not laughing at me for being scared of public transportation here. (To be fair, I am less afraid of the public transportation itself as I am of the freaky people ON public transportation… especially in Hollywood.)

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