Why I am still grateful for AAA, even though they were useless when I needed them today…

So Yoshi pays for the super-expensive premium membership service at AAA and now I know why: in case I have inheirited ANY of my Dad’s car karma, I should be prepared.

Today, I drove to work early, parked on the top floor of the 5 story parking structure, and left my headlights on allllll day. Then when I went to disarm my car, my car doors would not unlock. Oops. Dead battery.

“No problem!” I thought. “That’s why I have AAA!” So I let the parking attendant know that I was going to call Triple A to jump my car.

I went downstairs to the main valet on the first floor to let him know I was expecting AAA and that he should let them up to the 5th floor… no problem, he said.

I called Roadside Assistance (three times, because I kept getting cut off… I blame T-Mobile for that) and told the dispatcher I needed a jump and that I was on the 5th floor of the parking structure with a 6’6″ clearance… meaning if the driver had a big truck, he should bring a portable jumper thingy-bobber.

I went back up to the 5th floor to wait for the guy, who was supposed to be there in less than 30 minutes. I got a call from a different dispatcher who told me I had to go back downstairs to the main level and meet the guy at the truck. I couldn’t figure out why the valet guy wasn’t letting the driver up, so I went down again to see what was going on.

I got down there and asked the valet guy what was going on… the valet guy says to me, “I think your AAA guy keeps driving past the building.”

Sure enough, I saw the AAA truck pass by the entrance, so I walked outside to flag him down. He turned around and parked his truck across the street and walked to where the valet guy and I were standing.

“My truck is too big to fit inside the building.”

“You don’t have a portable?” I asked. “Even though I requested one and told the dispatcher there was a low clearance here?”

“No,” he replied. “Maybe we can push the car down and we can jump it outside?”

I told him that it probably wasn’t the best idea since I was on the top level and that getting my car out of the parking lot was hard enough (I’m blocked in on several sides) when I could drive it… much harder w/o power steering, etc. He said, “Well, I need to see the car regardless.”

“Even though you aren’t going to be able to help me?” I asked (a little bitchily).

Lucky for me, the Facilities guy… who had stopped by earlier when he heard that my car was dead (boy, word travels fast) and offered to jump my car… was still there. I had turned him away earlier because “AAA is coming, so no need to bother!” Well, I was wrong on that count and I was very lucky that I ran into him while taking the useless AAA guy up to see my car on the 5th floor.

Meanwhile, the AAA guy looks at where my car is, realizes that we are on the top level on the parking structure and says, “Oh, it probably isn’t a good idea to push this car down to the street.” Duh! What did I tell you?! He said he was going to cancel the call… which is good since he didn’t DO anything except frustrate me!

The Facilities guy really saved the day, as well as the parking attendant on my floor because he moved a bunch of cars out of the way so the Facilities guy could get his car close enough to mine to jump.

And even though I ended up leaving like an hour later than I wanted to, I still wasn’t late to my 6:00. Amazingly!

Anyway, the moral of this story is that even though I love AAA, they can still suck. But the Facilities guy is the best! I’m going to have to figure out something nice to do for him.

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4 Responses to “Why I am still grateful for AAA, even though they were useless when I needed them today…”

  • Glad you got out of that mess. AAA can be spotty at times but I stick with them.

  • So are you going to call and complain to AAA about this particular service call? Because whoever they were using on that call will probably still get paid by AAA for making that run. Even though they did nothing. And they sucked. Wow. What a pain in the ass. Glad you got out of the situation, though. Lucky.

  • At least AAA came to you. I probably wouldn’t have had a broken arm if NJ wasn’t such a retarded state and allowed roadside assistance services to go on the Turnpike.

  • It seems that a lot of folks have problems with AAA service. I’m seriously wondering if it’s worth the money any more.

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