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I’m glad it wasn’t Father’s Day today…

…because I was very mean to my Dad just now. {Warning: Long rant ahead.}

Let me explain why he made me mad…

I had a really long day at work today… in fact I was so tired, I came home and crashed out in the evening. Yoshi woke me up so we could go grocery shopping and we came back home where I got a bunch of stuff done in the kitchen, etc.

I had been in the kitchen pretty much all evening, so I didn’t know that my Dad had been calling my cell phone which was on vibrate in the office. From my call log, I could tell that the last time he’d called was 9:36pm. It was just after 10pm when I realized he’d been calling and I called him right back. And of course, he didn’t answer when I called, so I just left him a page.

Five minutes later, he calls me back again and it sounds like he’s standing in the middle of the Indy 500. I can hear cars racing around in the background.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“Oh, my car broke down as I was leaving Grandma’s house (approx. 20 min. away). Do you have Triple A?” he replied. (My Dad is not here in the U.S. for a good portion of the year, which is why he gave up his own membership several years ago.)

“Yes, but I have to be there for you to use it. So if you want me to call Triple A, I’ll have to go out there and meet you.”

So then my Dad hemmed and hawed, “Oh I don’t want you to bother and drive out here at night. I’ll just call [someone else] and have her steer the car as I push the car closer to the wall. I’ll just leave my car here overnight and deal with it in the morning.”

WHAT?! How is it ok to call someone else (a girl we know, who is younger than me, who lives nearby) for help at 10:00 at night and plan to leave your car on the side of the road overnight? And for another, if you are calling for my help, why don’t you just TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?!

I told him (ok, I yelled at him) that he shouldn’t do that and that I could be there in 20 minutes with AAA right behind me. I got the information from him I thought AAA might need for the car and I told him that I’d call him right back to let him know when I was on the road and on the way with AAA.

Since Yoshi is the best (and didn’t want me going out there by myself), we got in the car right away and headed toward Grandma’s house. My Dad had told me that his car had broken down before the “XYZ” exit on the 10 West. So since I had to head East to get there, I drove past the “XYZ” exit going the other way so I could find my Dad when I got back on the freeway going the other way. I had already called Triple A with the location of “my” car and also given them directions to tow the car back to my parents’ home in Orange County (approximately 40 miles away).

It turned out that my Dad was actually just PAST the “XYZ” exit… and it was literally right where cars getting on the freeway there would run right into my Dad’s car if they weren’t paying attention or driving too fast (my Dad was on the freeway side of a really blind freeway entrance). Also, the back of my Dad’s car was sticking out of the shoulder where it could have easily been hit by passing traffic. I had been trying to call my Dad the whole time I was driving there, but he kept not answering. He didn’t answer the phone until literally 1 minute before I saw his flashing lights. I got there, and my Dad was standing outside the car, waving at me.


I was grateful to see my Dad was OK, which is probably why I started yelling at him as soon as Yoshi rolled the passenger side window down.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?!?! You gave me the wrong directions of where the car is!” I screamed hysterically at him. It did not help that the traffic noises outside were so loud. And the fact that my Dad is deaf. I think I was screaming at the top of my lungs and Dad couldn’t understand what I was saying. But he could tell I was mad.

He said he didn’t answer the phone because he didn’t hear it ring. (Duh! You can’t hear anything if you’re standing outside the car!) And then he insisted he told me that the car was “OVER” the exit, not before. I know what I heard, and that is DEFINITELY not what he said. Besides, what the heck does “over” the freeway exit mean?!

I let him know (via yelling) that AAA was on the way to tow him and the car back to Orange County. He told me that the car didn’t need to be towed to Orange County… just back to a garage near Grandma’s house and he’d spend the night at Grandma’s and deal with the car in the morning.

I screamed some more… “I already called Triple A! I told them that the car was before the exit! And I told them that they need to tow the car to OC! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Ok, now in my head, I knew I should not have been yelling. It was not my Dad’s fault that the car broke down and if I were in his situation and he was coming to help me, I would not want him to yell at me. Also, Yoshi was being very nice and calm. While I was acting like a total crazy person.

Luckily, I was rational enough to just call AAA and give them the new information. And Yoshi was good enough to actually invite Dad into my car, instead of making him stand outside. But if I were my Dad, I would not want to be in the car with crazy, screaming, yelling Joz, either.

Anyway, I calmed down a little, but I was generally rude and bitchy to my Dad. Even though he didn’t really deserve it. And then the tow truck came and everything was fine. And then in the quiet of the car while we were waiting for the tow truck guy to finish dropping off the car, I started to feel guilty for being the biggest bitch-o-rama to my Dad. But I didn’t apologize.

My Dad offered to take us out to late night dim sum, but I rudely told my Dad I didn’t have time and still had work to do (true). I should have thanked him for the offer and said, “No thanks, maybe next time.” But anyway, we just dropped him off at Grandma’s and said we should head home before it got too late. It was like 11:30 by the time we got home.

On the way home, I called Mom to let her know that I was on the way home. And she was like, “where did you go?” Dad had not called Mom to let her know anything was up. Mom just assumed he was staying late at Grandma’s. So then Mom was mad that she didn’t get a phone call sooner.

And even though I shouldn’t have yelled at my Dad, this wasn’t exactly the first time something like this has happened with him.

When I got home, I talked to my Bro to let him know what happened. And he said:

“Man, that reminds me of the time his tire blew out on the 5 and he called me because he didn’t have a spare. So I had to drive all the way out there to lend him my donut. It turned out that the donut he had was in pieces… had no air, no tread, no nothing. Then I told him he needed to get a new tire right away + a new donut.

So I had to drive around without a spare for like a week before he finally got his tire fixed. Then like a month later, I got another call. He was at almost the same place on the 5 and a different tire blew out. I told him to just put his donut on and he said that he got a new tire, but no donut because he didn’t think that another tire would blow out. (!) So I had to drive out there again and lend him my donut, AGAIN.”


There is also also the story of the time Mom and Dad met us in Vegas a few years ago (driving my brother’s car) and they got a flat tire past Barstow or someplace. So my Dad put the donut on the car and continued on to Vegas. Driving like 75 MPH all the way there. (Even I know that it’s unsafe to drive on a donut faster than 50 MPH.)

Then he insisted that he could drive on the donut all the way back to L.A. where he could have a family member replace the tire for him “for cheap.” For the record, that family member he was referring to… sells custom tires (like for rice racers) that do not generally fit on standard cars. Anyway, Yoshi and I woke up early one morning and took the car to Costco to replace the tire so they did not have to drive 400 miles(!) on the donut back to L.A.

But if you think any of these stories are bad, this one from a couple of years ago takes the cake. ::Read: If you say that this is where I get it from, I will smack you. Really, I will. (aka: Why I am grateful for having Triple A membership.)::

Now (it’s past midnight) and I’m going to attempt to do the work I have to finish tonight.

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