Daily Archive for June 17th, 2006

Rainbow tassels galore

Rainbow TasselToday I was in the audience of the UCLA LGBT Lavender Graduation (read more about it at my post at blogging.la). Established in 1998 by Dr. Ronni Sanlo, Director of the UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center to celebrate the lives and achievements of LGBT college students, Dr. Sanlo and her staff manage to bring together year after year are an amazing group of people… from the amazing graduates, to the numerous members of faculty of administration, to family members, to community supporters… to come together to celebrate what the graduating LGBT students have accomplished.

I share with you a few choice quotes:

The first was by Paul Colichman, founder of here! TV on why it’s important to have role models (in the media):

“We are not going to live by an agenda created by people who hate us.”

The next two by keynote speaker, Bruce Vilanch, on how things have changed:

“I joined the Hollywood gay community when it was still Liberace’s hot tub. It was just us. And a couple of figure skaters.”

and on community and visibility:

“There were no gay bars in Columbus, Ohio [where Bruce went to college]. But there was a truck stop. But only on Tuesdays. If you went on Wednesday, that was your serial killer problem.”

That was the beginning of a very long (but fun) day which also involved spending time with our friends J & C (a female couple) at their new house, a Vox Femina Los Angeles concert in Culver City where I got to chat with the Culver City mayor (too bad I don’t live there), and coming home and watching the Sparks game. (What a game! They played a great game against Connecticut, winning 80-72… GO SPARKS!)

The funny thing is that I hadn’t even planned any of this… I was going to stay home and get some work done.


I think my homo switch must have been on the “EXTRA HIGH” setting today. The only thing that could have made it REALLY over the top today is if I had gone out dancing in WeHo with “The Gay” tonight. Oontz oontz oontz oontz…


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