Daily Archive for June 12th, 2006

Sorry I’ve been out of sorts for the last few days…

…I just had a really crappy weekend, especially with the whole USB fiasco (I still have not found a way to retrieve my data. *sniffle*)

I want to blame everything on the full moon, but I don’t really care who or what is at fault… I just want everything fixed the way it’s supposed to be.

I basically lost my entire Saturday trying to get my data back or re-doing everything I had done on Saturday morning. I can’t even think of the month’s work of data that I don’t have right now. Arrrgh.

The good news on the blog front: I finally installed my first WordPress plug-in (thank you Spam Karma 2) by myself and it has been catching most (not all) of my spam. Now that I know I can install my own plug-ins without breaking the entire blog, I’ll probably try to add a few more in.

We’ll see.

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