The genius of Japanese television: Silent Library, Gaki no Tsukai

Lest you think I’m a total egghead who only watches PBS, let me share with you a short video of what I spent all weekend watching.

Gaki no Tsukai: Silent Library 3

As a little background, these guys are in a real library. The black guy is Ernesto Hoost, 4-time World Champion Kickboxer who is nicknamed “Mr. Perfect.” You’ll never guess the things that happen to him here.

For more of my favorite Gaki no Tsukai episodes, check out my Favorites on YouTube. Gaki no Tsukai is a Japanese comedy variety show hosted by “Downtown” (the duo of Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi). The other comedians that regular on the show, include some of the other guys you see here (not Hoost).

So instead of doing real work, I watched hours and hours of Gaki no Tsukai on YouTube. I am very sick. Please help me.

(You know what would also help me? If anyone could find the video clip of Gaki no Tsukai’s “No Reaction Game” for me to watch. That would be great, too.)

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