I’m back! (And BOY do I need a beer!)

That’s right. After a bit more than 2 months in exile, some of it at my blogspot space, jozjozjoz.com is back… as promised, albeit rather delayed.

Major major major thank you’s are due to a number of folks, but especially my most special-est, wonderful-est monkey, Michael of RockMeGently, who basically did EVERYTHING to get this blog set up for me. From backing up my blog archives since January 2003 to installing WordPress, to importing all my entries (twice), plus countless other steps in between.

Joz hides behind a beer

Photo taken in April 2006 at il Birrificio di Como. Como, Italy.

Now that I’m finally back, I can’t promise any scintillating or titillating news, but I will do my best to keep up and not be MIA. Keep in mind I have a new host, a new blogging software, and limited brain capacity to learn things as quickly as I used to… so apologies in advance for any wonkiness!

In the meantime, I will take requests… is there anything in particular you want to hear about?

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