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Is this inhumane?

I guess I don’t really care because we’re talking about moths here, and those fuckers definitely aren’t human, but I still don’t like killing things… even if they are moths.

Anyway… for the second time in a week, I was interrupted in my office at home because a moth was flying around my head while I was at the computer.

(I don’t hate many things, but moths are pretty much at the top of the list.)

Anyway, so the appropriate course of action is to run screaming from the room, right?

In order to draw the moth out of the room, I turn off the lights in the office and the monitor and then turn the lights on in the hallway. Then, I go into the den, turn on the lights there and watch TV until the stupid thing flies out of the office and into the den where I’m at. (Why, oh WHY do they always follow me wherever I go?!?!?)

Tonight it only took about half an hour for this to happen. When I saw the moth flying around the den, I turned the TV and the lights in the house off and lit a small candle (tealight). Then I went back into the office and SHUT THE DOOR.

I expect that when I go eventually emerge from the office in a little while (no, I don’t make it a habit to leave candles unattended), I will find a dead moth in/near the candle.

Then I will ask beg Yoshi to dispose of it.

Ok, like I said, I really don’t care if this is humane or not. It just seems like the easiest way to kill the moth without actually touching it. Lest you suggest that I just swat it ’til it dies, it’s not the MOTH that is so insidious, but the MOTH DUST. And everyone knows that swatting a moth only spreads the moth dust around. Eeek.

(There is a story about moths and the dangers of moth dust, but I have been banned from traumatizing the world with it. Just take my word for it: moth dust is evil.)

::moth invasion:: ::thingsihate::

and just for daniel: ::just one danger of moth dust::

I can’t believe…

…I just geeked out about NOVA to Bossguy about global dimming.

I told him about contrails and everything.

I guess I ran out of stuff to talk about.

So consider this fair warning that you’d better read up on global dimming so that I don’t have to tell you all about it if WE ever run out of things to talk about…

My eye! My eye!

I woke up this morning and my left eye felt itchy. I got up and looked in the mirror and saw that my eyelid was puffed out. Upon further examination, I saw that I had a sty under my eyelid. I now join teebubble in the “I Have a Sty in My Eye Club.” So that’s the bad news for the day.

The good news is that my allergist had an opening today, so I’ll be leaving early to see if I can get better drugs to control my incessant sneezing.

I should not be allowed to watch NOVA at 2am…

Since I was suffering from a insomnia (sleeping 4 hours in the evening will do that to you), I decided to crash out on the couch and try to bore myself to sleep.

I don’t know why I thought watching NOVA was a good idea, because NOVA was my favorite TV show growing up and I almost never find it boring.

Anyway, it was 2am and I decided to watch an excellent new episode of NOVA called “Dimming the Sun.” I thought it would be dry or dull, but it was incredibly interesting. It was discussing the effects of a phenomenon called “global dimming” on the world’s climate, and in particular, on how it has been masking the effects of global warming. It began to get kind of scary when they began discussing the potential of accelerated global warming and what that meant for the global environment. (It’s better to watch the episode so you can visualize some of the things they are discussing, but reading the transcript might fill you in on most of the main points on global dimming, if you’re curious.)

By then, it was approximately 3am by the time I was done watching NOVA and I was wide-awake and freaked out. So I decided I need to watch something more light-hearted before I went to sleep and dreamt about the apocalypse.

So I ended up watching 2 and a half episodes of “Everybody Hates Chris.” By the time I started the 3rd episode, I decided I was ready to sleep, so that was about 4:30am. I was awakened by 9am by Yoshi because people were coming over and I didn’t need to be sprawled all over the couch when they got there.

Anyway, I spent half the day trying to tell Yoshi about “global dimming” and finally finished (after many interruptions).

I am now banned from watching NOVA or Nature.

Yoshi should be glad I don’t like scary movies.


Time to see the allergist again.

Today is the second day in a row where after taking multiple allergy drugs, I was still sneezing up a storm.

I took a Benadryl before work (Job 1.5) and I almost fell asleep at the keyboard. And I have to REALLY pay attention, so that wasn’t good.

I came home from work and zonked out for like 3-4 hours.

Oh and I have hives.

This is not good.

What I did today instead of everything else I was supposed to be doing…

…I woke up, messed around online for a bit, I ate the yummy breakfast that Yoshi made, started to take care of a little bit of correspondence and started having a huge sneezing fit, and had to lay down on the couch.

I laid there and watched several episodes of “Life & Times” and a Nature program about Snowflake the only known albino gorilla. I was still sneezy and splotchy but had to run to the post office, which I did.

I came right back and laid back down on the couch and started watching the episodes of “The West Wing” which I had not yet watched. That was approximately 7 episodes going back to the first part of the Election Day episode which aired at the beginning of April. That’s right. I was two months behind on The West Wing and I ended up watching through the final episode (almost) without stopping.

Have you ever watched so much TV it felt like your brain was going to fall out of your head? Anytime I watch any more than a couple of hours of TV, that’s what I feel like, but my sneezing was so bad that it felt better to lay on the couch in front of the TV instead of attempting to do any real work.

So there goes my “extra day” off. What a waste. But at least I took almost 10 hours of stuff off the TiVo.

Somewhere in there, Yoshi also made me dinner, too. (Steak & asparagus & broccoli.) I am a lucky girl.

UPDATE: Yoshi reminded me of the four episodes of “Deal or No Deal” that I also went through. One of them was a special 2-hour episode, so I was in front of the TV for a total of maybe 14-15 hours in one day. Eeek.

Selected excerpts from some IMs…

…between joz & thefashmagslag.

No comment on what day this was and whether or not one or both of us may or may not have been in the workplace. And keep in mind the boring and the extremely explicit has mostly been edited out.
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Back for a day and already wimping out by not actually writing a real post…

…however, you can enjoy a post that Carly put up that features our IM conversation from Thursday night…

Read “Greetings and Salutations!

I’m back! (And BOY do I need a beer!)

That’s right. After a bit more than 2 months in exile, some of it at my blogspot space, is back… as promised, albeit rather delayed.

Major major major thank you’s are due to a number of folks, but especially my most special-est, wonderful-est monkey, Michael of RockMeGently, who basically did EVERYTHING to get this blog set up for me. From backing up my blog archives since January 2003 to installing WordPress, to importing all my entries (twice), plus countless other steps in between.

Joz hides behind a beer

Photo taken in April 2006 at il Birrificio di Como. Como, Italy.

Now that I’m finally back, I can’t promise any scintillating or titillating news, but I will do my best to keep up and not be MIA. Keep in mind I have a new host, a new blogging software, and limited brain capacity to learn things as quickly as I used to… so apologies in advance for any wonkiness!

In the meantime, I will take requests… is there anything in particular you want to hear about?

So does mine.

But how come the first one didn’t?

And how can you configure so you can see who the author of the post is?

My post works

Look. my post works.


testing testes, 1 … 2 … 3…

Trying to get the “real” site up…

Thanks for your patience!

Oh Lakers… have you broken my heart again…

Seventh heaven: Suns scorch Lakers in finale

Phoenix 121, LA Lakers 90

Two (of many) cool links courtesy of Angry Asian Man

Jeff Yang of SF Gate writes about Asian desserts…

(I’ve tried everything on that list)


George Takei’s TV Squad interview…

George RULES!

Can I get a big…

WTF for the Lakers tonight?

I mean really there shouldn’t have even been a Game 6… but Game 7 in Phoenix? Damn.

Proud of my Mommy.

Tonight my Mom received an award which was given to only 27 people out of 17,000+ who were eligible.

When they announced her name, two rows of people (at least a dozen) stood up and cheered and hooted and hollered for her. She was the only one who had a cheering section and I wasn’t even part of it! (I was taking pictures.)

I’m so happy I was there tonight to celebrate with her.

I’m so proud of her.


…is going through my papers on my desk at work?

My desk may look like a disaster area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what state I leave my desk in when I leave.

I got to my office this morning and something was amiss. My desk was not the same kind of messy I left it in.

The folder of take-out menus were scattered all over my desk. But mixed in with my other papers. I would NEVER do that to my papers.

So now I want to know who was going through my stuff. Luckily, everything that is confidential is locked up, but I feel violated.

I’m going to resort to locking EVERYTHING up. Or maybe installing a secret web cam.

Tired. Grumpy. Arrrgh.

I emphasize the “arrrgh” part.

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