Daily Archive for April 29th, 2006


Ooooops. I was getting in the backseat of the car and putting down a bunch of bags… (to be cont)

…so the car door was open for a while as I was putting things away and adjusting things.

When I finally finished, I sat back in my seat, reached out and grabbed the door and pulled it toward me.



I looked outside of the car and saw Yoshi’s dad standing up and rubbing his head. While I wasn’t paying attention, he had bent over and was cleaning the back tires with Armor All. And his head was in the door area.

OH CRAP! I just shut the door on to Yoshi’s dad’s head. Really, really hard. OMG OMG OMG.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were there! Are you okay?” I kept repeating.

He kept insisting he was fine, but he was still holding his head. I felt REALLY REALLY bad. REALLY. BAD.

Yoshi’s mom asked what was wrong and I said that I had closed the door on Dad’s head. And she laughed. Then Yoshi came to the car and I was still sitting in the back seat, freaking out.

“What’s wrong?” asked Yoshi. Yoshi’s mom repeated what happened. And Yoshi laughed.

Why was everyone laughing? Was I the only one who felt bad?! Maybe cuz I felt the “thunk” of the head, but geez! I told Yoshi to stop laughing and ask if Dad was ok. He kept saying he was.

We went to go pick up Yoshi’s auntie and told the story to her. Yes, you already know her reaction. I hope I never get thunked in the head in the company of these crazy people. Sheesh man.

Right after work last night…

…I came home, I packed for the weekend, and I drove us up the 5 to the 152 (Pacheco Pass).

Yoshi drove the rest of the way and we got to Yoshi’s parents’ house in SJ around 2am.

To keep me awake during the drive, we had a little 80s sing-along and a mini dance party. Ok so that dance party was really just head-bopping.

Today we head up to SF.

(Sorry stkyrice & aiyahh… we won’t have time to visit this trip!)

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