Dude. Even blogger is in Italian…

…and why the heck are the keys on the keyboard in different places?

Whatever. We are in Italy, BAY-BEE!

So I had to do my postcard list at the last minute so not all the usual suspects got on the list. Sorry if I left you off… I literally printed out the list right before we walked out the door. Today we went to the Vatican & the post office there was where they got deposited. I had to lick the pope to send those cards. (Well, pope stamps anyway).

Ok. So Rome is amazing.

Tomorrow we leave for Florence. Maybe I will drop another note in later. Maybe not.

And sorry about that London post & how it got cut off. Stupid text messages get shortened. I will fix it eventually.

Anyway, I have got to get back to my vacation so no more blogging for me for the time being!

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