It’s called VA-CAY-SHUN…

…and it means you are NOT supposed to get calls from work!

Bossguy started calling me this morning at 9:10am. (That’s right, I said STARTED.) I was still in bed, because… get this… I’M ON VACATION! That means I am allowed to sleep in!

I ignored the first call, even though it woke me up, but when the second call came 2 minutes later, I figured I should at least go check the voicemail. Because at this point, I couldn’t go back to sleep again.

So I called into voicemail and it was my boss telling me that the temp who is filling in for me can’t turn the computer on. This does not bode well for me being gone an entire week.

Then I called into the office to talk to the temp, who to be fair is not at all dumb or computer illiterate, and see if I could tell what was wrong with it. Since she did all the tricks I would have done, I figured it was just my computer going on strike and wanting a vacation, too. I ended up telling her to call tech support (I had forgotten to tell her what that number was before I left yesterday) and since I didn’t hear back after that, I figured everything was fine.

A few minutes later, Bossguy called me again to ask if everything was fixed (he was not in the office, just found out by calling the office that the temp was having a hard time turning on the computer). I told him I didn’t know, but I advised her to call tech support since I couldn’t actually SEE what was wrong with the computer. So then he wished me a happy trip and safe travels.

A half hour later, Bossguy called me back in a panic. “I got this email…” (I guess the computer is running and the temp is going through his emails for him…) “…and it says that my expense report has been approved, do I need to do anything with it?” (there are instructions that come with the auto-notification) The answer is NO! If there was anything that needed to be done, I would have left you instructions to do it! I told you yesterday that it was done and we were just waiting for approval! But ok, I can see why he would not know that since he usually never sees that particular email notificaton since I just usually tell him that it got approved. BUT I’M ON VACATION! That means NO CALLS!

Two minutes later, he called back again. I answered the phone like this:

“In a little while, I’m going to stop answering the phone…”

I think the irritation in my voice rang through because he apologized and said, “Ok, sorry, but this time I was just calling to mess with you. But really, have a great trip.”

And then he tagged it off with, “I’ll try not to call anymore.”

Don’t try…. just DON’T!

If I had been smarter, I’d have deleted my number from his cell phone.

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