So one hour later, this is what I have learned…

-No amount of whining and crying will get Yoshi to go down in the cold creepy dark basement when I am the one who blew the fuse.

-There is nothing but water heaters, furnaces, and spiderwebs in the cold creepy dark basement.

-When you live in an old building, there is no such thing as “circuit breakers.”

-The fuse box is actually inside the apartment. There was no need for anyone to go into said cold creepy dark basement.

-The fuse box is located about six feet off the ground. Behind the dryer.

-There are six fuse thingies in the box. The “on/off” switch on the outside of the fuse box apparently does nothing.

-None of the six fuse thingies are labeled. If you unscrew things, other things will turn off in other rooms. Like lights, computers, and other electronical stuff.

-The only way you can tell what controls what is to turn everything on, stand on a ladder to reach the fuse box and start unscrewing fuses and have someone else stand in other parts of the house to tell you what you just turned off.

-Labelmakers rule. Identifying and labelling the fuses for the future is a good thing.

-Messing with the fuses in the house may have accidentally f-ed up the garage door opener. The last time we checked, the door wouldn’t close via the electronic door opener and we had to close it manually. And Yoshi had to gank it shut by jamming something into the door so our garage wouldn’t be open all night. Oh and the light won’t turn off in there, either.

-There is one mystery fuse in our fuse box. We don’t know what the hell it controls. My theory is that it opens/closes Pandora’s Box. I’m not sure about that, though.

-Waiting for Yoshi to get home and not asking for the neighbors for help before it gets too late to ring their doorbell and ask for help was not a good choice of action.

-No matter how dumb the jozjozjoz is for trying to use the microwave and the toaster oven at the same time (even though at some level the jozjozjoz knew not to do this), the Yoshi will not call jozjozjoz retarded. Although the Yoshi did call the SITUATION retarded.

Tee and JeniJeniJeni do take our household distress calls late at night. Thanks! (Don’t worry, we didn’t electrocute ourselves!)

-jozjozjoz is responsible for calling the landlord and asking for help tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “So one hour later, this is what I have learned…”

  • Eesh. We have a similar problem here. The good news is that we have circuit breakers and the box is located mere feet away from the kitchen where we “pop” the circuit on a regular basis. The moron who upgraded the electric in the house wired half the shit on one breaker. Now we can either run the microwave, toaster or have lights on. But not all at once. And it gets pissy when I try to make popcorn. It takes about 10 minutes to pop up a bag that should only take 2.5 minutes.

  • I have fuses, too, and when I run the a/c (window unit) in the summer, I often blow them. Keep a good supply of extra fuses on hand!

  • this was my life growing up. we always had waaaaaay too many things needing electricity plugged in. when we decide to use more than two….the fuse would blow. it got to be so often, that i knew, from memory, which fuse controled which side of the wall of which room.

    who needs label makers? i sure didn’t, they also didn’t exist back then.

  • After re-reading this, I had a sudden flash of “The Christmas Story” with the dad plugging in his “Major Award” into an overloaded outlet and blowing fuses left and right.

  • did you guys figure it out eventually??? i was worried about you. luckily tee knows more about circuit breakers than i do.. i know about as you do.

  • anytime, jozjozjoz!! i must admit i was a little worried at all the hubbub i heard on the phone. i’m glad you worked it out & yoshi kept cool.

    i need to ponder the mystery fuse.

  • Replace those old glass fuses with a mini-circuit breaker from Bussmann Fuses. When it pops, you can simply push the button instead of replacing a blown fuse. Just make certain you use the correct load rating, like 10 Amps, 15 Amps, or 20 Amps. Here’s a link: mini circuit breaker

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