Daily Archive for April 8th, 2006

Things that kind of suck.

I mean if these are the worst things going on in my life, I have a pretty good life, but they still kind of suck:

-Rooben (our Roomba) seems to be on the fritz again… but it’s no longer under warranty.*

-My boss asked me if I would give up my work laptop to a new VP who is starting in two weeks. I really don’t NEED the laptop, seeing as I have my personal laptop and also a desktop at work. Plus I’m the only person who has a private black & white and color laser printer… but I’ve been using the laptop for over a year now and it sucks to have to give it up because no one wants to pay for a new one for the new VP.

-My desk is still a disaster area. And I’ve been trying to keep it under control, too. Yeesh.

*The good news is that I called iRobot about Rooben and customer service walked me through a manual reset, which seems to have fixed it for the time being… we’ll see…

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