This is the most skin I’ll be showing on my blog, thankyouverymuch…

If you don’t like graphic photographs, I suggest you come back another day.

If you are morbidly curious of what my back looked like after getting poked 60 times with different allergens, then click the following link.

Photo from Joz’s Allergy Test

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you haven’t been grossed out completely, I invite you back (har har!) tomorrow for more regularly scheduled jozjozjoz programming.

P.S. – Six hours later, my back still has welts… mostly from the pollen pokes.

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10 Responses to “This is the most skin I’ll be showing on my blog, thankyouverymuch…”

  • I’ve been tempted to do that too, but now looking at the list, I don’t know if its worth it. I seem to be allergic to anything that ISN’T on that list. Bandaids? Sudafed? Kiwi?
    The pokes wouldn’t bother me, but unless they have a test for weird things, it wouldn’t be worth my time or money.

    I’m glad you are at least getting to the bottom of YOUR allergies. Good luck. Will you be getting the shots now?

  • wow! it’s like you were attacked by some mad (and extremely accurate) dart expert.

    has yoshi started connecting the dots yet???

    that would be an interesting image :)

  • Oh my Gah! I’m allergic to getting back-stabbed once, let alone 60 times!

  • Yowch!! I hope they gave you some analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory cream to put on that later.

  • I’m Jim – I don’t know what happened to my cookies!

  • It looks like you lay down on one of them bed of nails things there, Cris Angel.

  • So, what was the results after all that torture? Any allergies?

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