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Michelle is going for the gold

Michelle_Kwan.jpg At the ripe old age of 25, local skating legend Michelle Kwan is going to get her LAST SHOT at gold. Did you get that?

IT’S HER LAST SHOT!!!1!!!1!!11




Oops. Sorry I got caught up in all those headlines. Really, the big news (if it is even big or news) is that Michelle Kwan has been cleared to skate as part of the US Olympic team.

Kwan jumps way to last shot at Olympic gold

By NANCY ARMOUR, AP National Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michelle Kwan is going to Turin, and she’s going for gold.

Kwan sealed her spot on the Olympic team Friday, showing a five-person monitoring committee with jumps, spins and those majestic spirals what she said two weeks ago: She’ll be healthy enough to compete in Turin.

And compete with the best.

“I’m thinking gold is good,” Kwan said at a news conference after the monitoring committee announced its decision. “I’m staying positive, feeling good. I’m injury free. So right now, it’s just going for it.” [full story]

PS – If it sounds like I’m hating on Michelle, I’m not. I’m actually a huge fan and want to see her get that gold. But sheesh… enough with that “last chance” stuff?

::CNN/SI article: Golden Opportunity: Kwan cleared to compete for U.S. in third Olympics::

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