Daily Archive for January 27th, 2006


Because my company’s IT guys aren’t able to solve this one, I turn to my blog for help.

I used to be able to “lock” my computer and walk away from my desk (say for meetings/lunch/when I leave work at night) and “unlock” it when I returned with everything in tact (all my windows still open, etc).

Something happened this weekend and when I got in, my computer was “hibernating/sleeping.” No biggie. I turned the computer on and started my day.

Then I noticed that everytime I locked my keyboard and was gone for more than 15 minutes, my computer would put itself to sleep.

Unfortunately, the only way to turn the computer back on it essentially rebooting it, so I have lost all the open windows on my screen.

I already checked the power/monitor settings… everything is set to “Never” turn off, and hibernation is disabled.

What gives?

More importantly, how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

PS – I am talking about a Dell machine running Windows.

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