Daily Archive for January 20th, 2006


I need a transfusion of silly!

I’m sorry that my blog has been so boring and has consisted of me complaining about lack of sleep, staying up late to work, and stressing about deadlines. Unfortunately, this is what my life has been for the last several weeks and there are no signs of this changing.

I used to blog as a outlet for stress and silliness, but I think I’m so strung out, I lost my silly!

There are a few ways you can help with this.

1) Leave a random comment. Especially if you’re a lurker. Remind me that you’re out there and checking in, even when there’s nothing interesting to see here. If you don’t know what to say, why don’t you leave me your best suggestion of how to achieve world peace? That should be easy enough.

3) Buy me something from my Amazon wishlist. As I told Mike Doss, preferably something that starts with “S” and ends in “egway.” If not that, I’ll take a DVD or a yogurt maker. To be fair, I don’t know how buying me something from my Amazon list will help with my lack of silly problem, but I don’t think it would hurt.

4) Tell me what happened to #2. Either that or each me how to count.


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