Daily Archive for January 15th, 2006

Good sneeps.

I think I asked this already, but why is a nap on the couch (futon) with the TV on in the middle of the day soooo comfy?

I think I deserved a nap this afternoon, even though I got a full night’s sleep last night because I did a lot today.

Granted, they were things that I was doing to procrastinate from what I was really supposed to be doing…

-Organized one of my AIM buddy list… well most of it, anyway
-Chatted with some old friends on AIM
-Took out the trash
-Took out the recycling
-Cleaned out part of the fridge
-Dried the dishes and put them away (Thanks to Yoshi for washing the sinkful of dishes I generated)
-Used alcohol and scrubbed the random black gunk off our Lack side tables from IKEA (we use them as coffee tables and since, duh, I’m a spiller, they get really messed up from all my spills)
-Helped Yoshi flip the mattress
-Helped Yoshi install the Mattress Genie we got for Christmas.


Yes, we got a Mattress Genie from Yoshi’s Mom. I’m not sure why she thought we might need/want a Mattress Genie, but since we’re both into gadgets and stuff, we had to install it and try it.

And what do you know? It was easy to install and it works.

I’m not sure when we’ll use it and the airpump is really, really loud and obnoxious, but it’s a new toy… so cool.

My favorite part is going to their website and seeing this:



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