Daily Archive for January 9th, 2006

The most annoying “hold music/ad”

I think the winner is Paris Las Vegas.

Now, I understand that occasionally you have to stay on hold to get customer service. I also understand that you might have to listen to some muzak, or worse, some ads for whatever you are holding for.

I personally hate ads that “talk” to you. It forces you to actively listen while holding. I also hate the ones that play music for 30 seconds and a recording of a person interrupts saying “Please continue to hold. A representative will be with you shortly.” I always end up going, “Hello? Hello? Oh… never mind…”

That said, I think Paris Las Vegas wins the most annoying hold music/ad. The music is actually not so bad, but they repeat these ads about all these wonderful things to do at their hotel… and the ads are done by an annoying woman with an annoying fake French accent. Arrrgh.

Don’t believe me? Dial their Reservation line: 877-796-2096 (toll free) and route yourself into the part where you need help with an existing reservation (funny, the hold time to BOOK a hotel room is always less than when you have to CHANGE/CANCEL a hotel room).

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