Daily Archive for January 8th, 2006

Well, since the last time they raised the rate was 2002, I guess it’s understandable…

Boo that the USPS has to raise their postage rates. (It’s understandable, gas prices have skyrocketed since 2002… did you know that for every penny per gallon gas prices go up, it costs the USPS $8 million annually?) I have a WHOLE BUNCH of unused stamps from my crazy insomniac postage buying spree™. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to have to buy a whole bunch MORE stamps in all kinds of small denominations to make up for the rate increase that is effective January 8.

The USPS has not yet updated their online rate calculator, which I use pretty often to double check that I put enough stamps on the things I sell online. They do have a new PDF with all the rates though and here are a sampling of the increases that affect me:

First Class Mail – letters under 1 oz: 39¢ (2¢ inc. from 37¢)

First Class Mail – postcard: 24¢ (1¢ inc. from 23¢)

Priority Mail – up to 1 lb: $4.05 (20¢ inc. from $3.85)

Media Mail – up to 1 lb: $1.59 (17¢ inc. from $1.42)

Media Mail – between 1-2 lb: $2.07 (23¢ inc. from $1.84)

Return Receipt – at mailing, via mail: $1.85 (10¢ inc. from $1.75)

Oh yeah, I once promised someone I would post a picture up of what $200 of postage looks like… here it is…

Joz's 2005 postage orgy!

(Actually this is $199.80 of postage… the USPS adds a $1.00 shipping fee for stamps by mail, though… no mattter how many stamps you order in one shipment!)

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