Daily Archive for January 7th, 2006

How about if someone calls to tell me I’m GETTING money?

Two things that happened yesterday:

1) My payroll people told me that I got overpaid 40 hours of overtime in October (I worked 46.5 hours one week and supposedly they paid me for 46.5 hours at my OT rate). And they want to deduct it from future paychecks. Which is bullshit. I told them “No, let’s discuss it later. Like when you address some other stuff* that has been unresolved since August.” [I talked to the head of HR before I left the office on Friday; he promises that both these issues will be taken care in the next week or two. I have everything documented, so any funny business means I call my lawyer; I just don’t want to have to do that.]

2) I got a phone call from a place I got a facial at a few of months ago; I paid with a credit card. Evidently the charge never made it through to the credit card company, so they called me to say they were charging me now (January) for a facial I got in September, more than 3 months ago. I was like “You couldn’t have told me about this sooner? Like before the holidays when I went crazy spending money?” They apologized and assured me that I would not be double-billed, but that’s bullshit. I told them to take me out of their database.

Back in April (or maybe as far as as March), I ordered a bunch (10,000) of specially imprinted 10 x 13 envelopes at work (on behalf of someone else) from our company-preferred printer. The turnaround is supposed to be a few weeks for a special order that size.

A few months went by and the guy who needed the envelopes reminded me they never came in. After few days of harrassing customer service, the vendor started the print job. (“Oops, we didn’t do it yet,” they had told me.) Grrr. Eventually we got all the envelopes, and all was hunky-dory… until this past Thursday when I got a phone call from their billing department complaining that the company corporate card had expired in 12/05 and they needed my authorization to charge a new card.

This was an invoice for a few thousand dollars FROM JUNE 2005!

The problem is that my finance department closed the books for 2005 on December 15. It is this kind of nonsense that I didn’t want hitting the books in 2006.

I forwarded the issue on to the business head whose budget it impacts so we’re now dealing with finance to clear this up.

In other words, more BS work I need to deal with for someone else’s incompetence.

*other stuff = Can’t talk about it on my blog. Don’t wanna get dooced for it.

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