I’ve been banned…

After spending more than $400 at the flagship Old Navy store in SF, I’ve been told that I’m never allowed to buy anything again. Ever.

So now I’m sitting in The Container Store and trying to stay out of trouble while Yoshi does the shopping here.

Yeah, like that means we’re going to spend less if that’s the way it’s gonna be.


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5 Responses to “I’ve been banned…”

  • Don’t they know that declaring something to be forbidden fruit simply makes it all the more desired? Let us know what your next Old Navy purchase is, m’kay?

  • The Container Store is evil! That is so not the place I could go if I wanted to *stop* spending money.

  • Well, at least I paid for dinner even though it was stealthy. :)

  • this is backwards. yoshi should be banned from shopping for about a month. no more buying for yoshi! you hate the store so much i don’t think you could go often enough to make a big monetary dent.

  • no no no, i can’t be banned! i’m the super shopper! besides, did i tell you all the stuffs jozjozjoz bought me while we were up north? i got bling, clothes, a new bag, more clothes, dinners, yep, i so made out!

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