Daily Archive for December 28th, 2005

Hooray for having a work laptop!

My personal laptop that I received about a year ago is on its way back to Taiwan.

I had been having problems with it: the power plug was not plugging in properly and I was having a difficult time charging the battery or running the laptop and being plugged in at the same time. There was also the giant crack that appeared on the bottom right of my screen and the retarded problem of the letters getting rubbed off too easily.

My dad told me that my laptop was still under warranty in Taiwan (they have warranties in Taiwan?) so I had my cousin take it back to Taiwan with him this winter for my Dad to see if he could get any resolution.

Which left me laptop-less… except that I have a neglected laptop at work. It’s actually quite nice, but I didn’t have it charged or set up properly.

Anyway, yay for having a laptop from work. It means I won’t be completely cut off… but it also means I am taking work with me on the road.

And if you’re wondering where I am right now, we arrived in San Jose a few hours ago at Yoshi’s Mom’s house.

I also got a belated xmas here and opened more presents… wheee!

Now for a redecorating project we are starting at 11pm…

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