Daily Archive for December 27th, 2005


Well the elation of getting a new phone lasted, oh, a few hours or so.

My Cingular SIM card was officially switched off around 8:35pm. I tested my new phone and WOOT! It worked!

Unfortunately, the T-Mobile signal at my parents’ home is even crappier than what it was with Cingular… I didn’t know that was possible. So Bro called me later this evening and told me that Mom had complained all day and all night about the lack of reception with her new T-Mobile phone. Then she asked if we could switch back to Cingular… uh no, probably not… the penalties will be HUGE.


Can’t T-Mobile just put another cell site up closer to my parents’ place?

That would make my life much better, thankyouverymuch.

Aiyahh! Jaw surgery?

Efi, Mr FlanFlanFlan himself, just called me and let me know that he had to take Aiyahh (Howie) in for jaw surgery today.

So if you get a chance, stop by his blog, or leave a comment here to wish him well and a quick recovery!

(Howie, maybe we can all meet over smoothies and ice cream or something when we go up there later this week!)

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