Bye, bye Cingular… hello T-Mobile…

I’ve had the same cell phone number and account since 1998… I think it was PacBell Wireless at the time that I got my first brick of a phone.

I stayed with them when they changed from PacBell Wireless to Cingular.

I stayed with them even when I accidentally forgot to pay my bill one month and they charged more than 2 months of service (almost $300) in my fees and penalties to reactivate my phone; even though I had never been delinquent with my payments before and I cried on the phone when the customer service rep told me there was “nothing she could do” to waive any of the fees. Period.

I stayed with them in 2003 when my brother and parents needed new cell phones and it made sense for us to combine everything on to a family plan. I added three more lines of service to my existing Cingular account instead of going to T-Mobile where I could have saved a crapload in service fees.

After two years of having the same crappy phones, my brother and my parents keep complaining that they needed new phones.

We went to the place where we got our phones in 2003 and basically asked to stay with Cingular (we wanted to keep our 3000+ rollover minutes we accumulated in the last year), but were informed that the plan we were on was a grandfather plan (a plan that we can’t get anymore) and that we should consider T-Mobile. I know the real reason they suggested T-Mobile is because they get more commission from them, but whatever. We needed new phones and had like 8 to choose from.

So for a plan that is very similar to what we used to have (my monthly bill is just a tad less than it used to be), but with 4 brand new spanking camera phones, I walked out the door paying $115.00 ($49.41 + $65.59 in tax). And I get a $50 mail-in rebate in a few weeks for my phone.

What phone did I get?

I got the Pink Motorola RAZR V3! (I couldn’t get the silver RAZR… 4 different people at work have the silver ones.)


My brother got a Nokia 6101 and my parents each got Nokia 3220 phones (they’re quad-bands so they can use them overseas).

All in all, it kind of sucks that I’m losing all those rollover minutes, but it was pretty obvious that we’re never going to be able to use them all anyway. I’ll also kind of miss calling Cingular when I have a problem with my phone and being able to yell at the customer service rep, “DO YOU KNOW I’VE BEEN A CUSTOMER SINCE 1998? SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE CINGULAR?!” But how can I complain about getting four new phones for $65 (after the $50 rebate)?

Unfortunately, the thing that does suck is that to port the phone #s from Cingular to T-Mobile it’s a $35 fee per line ($140) and on the T-Mobile side it’ll be a $25 per line activation fee ($100) so my next few cell phone bills will suck.

I’ll do with whatever phone, but I really hope Mom & Dad don’t complain about their phones too much. We picked ones we thought they would find most useful.

I didn’t get that much accomplished today, but this was the major thing. My brother and I also visiting Grandma before she went to bed in the evening and then we headed over to Shiau-Mei to have a quick bite before going home with our new phones.

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